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Why Purchase Frontier Discount Den Membership of Frontier Airlines?

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Flying in America’s greenest airline with a kid of 14 years or younger flying free in it can be the most delightful experience. The Denver, Colorado-based airline believes that the sky is for everyone and is committed to providing affordable and safe air travel across America. If you love flying frequently with your family in Frontier, you must join the Frontier Discount Den Travel club which enables you to get access to the lowest frontier fares for a year and fly with your kid of 14 years or younger for free in qualifying flights.

So, how do you know whether you should purchase a Frontier Discount Den membership or not and how you can get maximum benefits from the same? Read this blog to know the answer and make an informed decision about the suitability of this program.

Frontier Discount Den Membership: Overview of all Features

Frontier Discount Den membership is for frequent flyers who want to save max on their Frontier airlines flight tickets. With this membership, flyers get exclusive deals that help them book tickets at a heavily discounted rate, and at times on certain flights, they can get buy-one-get-one-free tickets for kids.

However, Discount Den membership is not free. It costs $59.99 +$40 as an enrollment fee for being a member of this program for a year and the membership renews automatically for the subsequent year unless canceled before the one-year term expires.

Benefits of Frontier Discount Den Membership      

Here is a checklist of benefits that flyers can accrue from Frontier’s Discount Den Membership.

Book Frontier Flight Tickets at Lower Fares than Others

Signing up for Discount Den membership allows you to avail of savings of $10-$30 for each one-way flight per person. You can avail of the cost savings for six persons on a flight. Even if you get $20 as saving on one passenger per flight, for a round trip flight of six persons, it will amount to total of $240 savings and if you exclude the annual membership charge of $60, you still get an additional $180 as gross savings.

Kids Fly Free on Some Flights

If you book flights to travel on Tuesday and Wednesday, you may get a Frontier flight ticket for your kid 14 years or younger for free. However, such free tickets come with several limitations that you need to take care of.

Some Limitations on Kids Fly Free Tickets

Ø  You must buy tickets at least 14 days in advance

Ø  The tickets are only applicable for round-trip flights

Ø  They are valid for local flights only and no international flight

Ø  Check out for blackout dates and blackout routes

Ø  If any flight change is done, your free ticket is no longer valid

Ø  Even if you have such a ticket, you need to incur the cost of add ons like bags and seat selection.

Exclusive Access to Frontier Deals and Promotions

With Discount Den membership, you will get the alert for any travel deals and lowest airfare or some exclusive promotions and flight sales offer throughout the year. It will help you save a considerable amount on booking each Frontier flight that will far outweigh the annual membership fee.

So, if you fly three times a year with family or group in Frontier, purchasing Discount Den membership can be the best bet.