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Why Do You Need To Join Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan?

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Alaska Airlines is one of the most preferred choices for people on the West Coast and Alaska traveling to other cities in the contiguous United States and international destinations like Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Belize. With low fares, maximum non-stop flight services from West Coast, and award-winning customer service, Alaska provides maximum value to passengers through its generous loyalty program. After the acquisition of Virgin America in 2016, it became the fifth-largest airline in the US. The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is an award-winning frequent flyer program of Alaska that is considered the best in the aviation industry.

Reasons to Join Alaska Airlines MileagePlan

If you fly frequently with Alaska you must sign up for Alaska MileagePlan which comes with enticing travel perks and better value than other airlines. The MileagePlan got a 4.6 rating out of 5 among the leading 9 airlines. Sign up for MileagePlan and book a ticket with Alaska to avail of a $25 saving on your ticket.

#1. Multiple Ways to Earn MileagePlan Miles

Travelers can earn a lot of miles through various ways like flying on Alaska and its partner airlines with which it shares codeshare agreements, spending on Alaska Co-branded credit cards, earning miles through a shopping portal, or transferring points from other loyalty programs. It helps them easily achieve an invaluable MVP elite status.

#2. Earn Miles Based on the Distance Flown By Alaska Or Its Partner Airlines Aircraft

Book Alaska Airlines flight for long-distance international air travel helps you rack miles quickly as you earn as many miles as you fly through Alaska Airlines or its partner airlines. Besides, your miles earning depends upon the fare class you book and your loyalty status.

#3. Get Excellent Value on Redeeming MileagePlan Miles

When you act strategically to redeem Alaska miles for booking long and expensive international flights, you stand to gain maximum value from the same. Redeeming Alaska miles on low-cost routes (flight tickets cost less than $50 each way), or booking flights with cash and miles or flights on British Airways will provide you poor value for the redemption.

#4. Enjoy Excellent Travel Perks from MVP Elite Status

When you achieve elite status in Alaska from your miles accrual, you will be able to unlock various benefits according to the elite status levels. You can earn MVP, MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K, and MVP Gold 100K and get perks like 2 free checked bags, instant upgrades to Premium and First Class seats, and priority check-in and preferred seating as per elite status levels.

 Consult ATW for Any Issues in MileagePlan Miles Redemption

If you ever experience any trouble in booking an Alaska award flight or managing your MileagePlus account, you can avail services of experienced travel advisors of Airlineticketworld. Book the discounted Alaska flight tickets or use your Alaska Miles to book flights or hotels and get expert travel solutions in a jiffy with seasoned travel agents.