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Why Book Your Flight in Breeze Airbus A220 Aircraft for Your Itinerary?

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When it comes to planning one’s summer travel, every budget-savvy traveler desires to Book Breeze Airways flight tickets at an economical rate and experience decent in-flight services and amenities. Breeze Airways, the startup airline is the perfect choice to book tickets for your next flight to Tampa, Sarasota, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Jacksonville. Flying in the swanky airline’s Airbus 220 aircraft in the First Class will give you the best experience of flying with your loved ones to your dream destination without any financial concern.

Do you know, Breeze airways route map has changed and it is going to add many new routes, thereby doubling its flight volume. With the addition of new destinations, the airline will be providing flight services on 77 routes in 28 cities in 18 states till August 2022.

Peep Into Breeze Airbus A220 Aircraft to Get an Idea of Inflight Seating Options

Breeze Airways used the first Airbus A220 aircraft to fly from San Francisco to Richmond on May 25.

The airline will fly to 18 transcontinental routes this summer. It will have 13 Airbus A 220 aircraft by the end of this year.

  • Breeze Airbus A220 aircraft comes in two configurations- the initial version with 126 seats, and in the future, the airbus will have 137 seats.
  • The initial version of A220 with 126 seats has 80 Nice seats, 10 Nicer seats, and 36 Nicest seats. The Nicest seats that are equivalent to the first class of premium airline features 39 inches of pitch and 20.5 inches of width. Besides spacious seats, there is a leg rest and deep recline, and adjustable headrest in the first Airbus. These seats come with power plugs and USB ports.
  • The Nicer Seats that are like Premium Economy features seats with extra legroom with 32+ inches of pitch.
  • The Nice Seats that are standard economy seats come with 30 inches of pitch. Travelers with Nice tickets need to pay for snacks and drinks.
  • Booking tickets under Nicer or Nicest Fare enables you to get complimentary snacks and drinks that will make your trip more enjoyable.
  • First class travelers get one free alcoholic beverage and they can purchase additional if they want.

New Travel Routes and Tickets Price: Check the Flight Deals on ATW

Check out Breeze Airways new travel routes and flight tickets price and plan your trip with Breeze Airways and a reputed online travel agent like Airlineticketworld.

 Las Vegas to and from: ($99 each)

  • Richmond, Virginia:- June 9
  • Fort Myers, Florida: – June 11
  • Charleston, South Carolina: Aug. 5
  • Jacksonville, Florida:- Aug. 5
  • Norfolk, Virginia:- Aug. 4,
  • Huntsville, Alabama: Aug. 4,

San Francisco to and from:

  • Richmond, Virginia:- May 25
  • Charleston, South Carolina: May 26
  • Louisville, Kentucky: May 27,
  • San Bernardino, California, Aug. 4

Los Angeles to and from:

  • Providence, Rhode Island: June 29,
  • Norfolk, Virginia: June 30,
  • Savannah, Georgia: July 1,

Jacksonville, Florida, to and from:

  • Richmond, Virginia: May 19, $49
  • Columbus, Ohio: May 27, $49
  • New Orleans: May 27, $49
  • Providence, Rhode Island: May 27, $59
  • Norfolk, Virginia: May 27, $49
  • Hartford, Connecticut: June 3, $59
  • Las Vegas: Aug 5,

So, wait no more. Grab the best flight deals or promotional offers on Breeze airways or from Airlineticketworld and set for the most thrilling journey of your life.