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What States does Frontier Fly to?

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Frontier airline is one of the most preferred airlines for flyers looking for low-cost air carriers. As they believe that the Sky is for everyone and work with the slogan of ‘Low Fares Done Right,’ the airline allows travelers to fly to over 100 US destinations and 32 international destinations.

Whether you need to travel to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Florida, Philadelphia, Raleigh, San Juan, Texas, Trenton, or Miami, booking the cheapest Frontier flights from a leading online travel agency can be the best bet. Besides these, people can book Frontier flights to Nassau in New Providence in the Bahamas, Antigua and Barbados, Belize City, Liberia, San Jose, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Canada, and Punta Cana.

New Destinations Added to Frontier’s Route Network

Do you know Frontier has recently added 27 non-stop routes that include two new international destinations- Guadalajara and Monterrey in Mexico? The airline has expanded its footprint in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, and Raleigh-Durham International airport to cater to the busy spring and summer travel requirements. Travelers can check the latest route map and get info about the flight tickets cost before booking Frontier flights.

Frontier allows travelers to fly from Raleigh Durham to Islip (New York), Providence (Rhode Island), Indianapolis (Indiana), Detroit (Michigan), Cincinnati (Ohio), Syracuse, and Newburgh in New York and New Orleans in Los Angeles.

From Philadelphia, people can book Frontier flights to Chicago Midway (Illinois), Kansas City (Missouri), Boston (Massachusetts), Cincinnati and Cleveland in Ohio, and San Antonio in Texas.

Book direct non-stop Frontier flights from Denver to Rochester in New York, Denver to Huntsville in Atlanta, Harrisburg in Pennsylvania, and Providence in Rhode Island. If you want to fly from Tampa to Cancun in Mexico or Dallas to Cleveland in Ohio, you can book a flight at an intro fare of $99.

Top Countries Frontier Airlines Fly To

Some of the leading countries Frontier Airlines provides flight services to flyers are:

  •         Mexico
  • the Bahamas
  •         Costa Rica
  •         Aruba
  •         Belize
  •         El Salvador
  •         Guatemala
  •         Puerto Rico
  •         Canada
  •         US

Some popular routes where you can book tickets at the lowest airfare at $29 are Philadelphia to Boston and Las Vegas to Albuquerque, NM, and Raleigh Durham Airport to Cincinnati, Ohio at $39 base fare that you should book till 15th March 2022.

Besides these, travelers can book tickets from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Orlando, Florida, at $39 and Cleveland, Ohio, to Orlando, at $15 for a one-way flight. Realize your travel dream of flying to Orlando from Philadelphia at $24 one-way per passenger.

Fly With Frontier to Your Dream Destination

If expensive flight tickets make you worried and sabotage your travel dreams, it’s high time to check the flight cost to your dream city on Frontier and grab the best flight deals to book tickets for yourself and your loved ones.

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