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What Day of the Week Is Cheapest To Book a Flight?

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Flight ticket prices vary depending on many factors, such as distance, demand, season, time of departure, and competition with other airlines. Every traveler desires to book a flight tickets on their preferred airlines and get maximum savings. Hence, they desperately seek the best flight deals or want to know the best day or month for booking flights to their scheduled destination. It is crucial to book tickets at the right time to avail of flight deals and get discounts.

As per a study by CheapAir, Tuesday and Wednesday are the least expensive days to book flight tickets for domestic and international destinations when travelers can save an average of 15-25% on their tickets. Most airlines, including Allegiant, come up with discounted offers or fare sales on late Monday night or early Tuesdays to facilitate travelers booking the cheapest flight tickets.

However, with increasing automation, flight ticket prices are now determined by algorithms of AI tools that consider various factors mentioned above and determine the flash sales and flight deals.

How to Book Allegiant Airlines Cheap Tickets?

Regardless of factors like automation and Allegiant airline’s pricing system, over which you have no control, you can still book Allegiant Airlines cheap tickets if you follow the best practices and tips travel agents at AirlineTicketWorld suggest.

Check out these tips and follow them to book tickets at the most economical rate to get the most bang for your buck.

1. Book Flight Tickets from Three Weeks to Three Months in Advance

Like ‘the early bird catches the worm,’ people who book flight tickets early can avail of the sales and get the best flight offers. Experienced travel agents suggest planning one’s tour early and booking flight tickets between one to three months before the flight departure for local or international destinations.

2. Find the Best Airfares on Allegiant Airlines Reservations Official Site

You will get the best airfares for your flight destinations on the Allegiant Airlines reservation official site. Allegiant introductory airfare on newly launched or to-be-started routes is quite low, increasing in $5-$10 increments after every ten seats are sold. It is essential to sign up for allegiant newsletters to get emails or notifications whenever fare drops or new offers are available.

3. Book Tickets at the Airport or from AirlineTicketWorld

If you want to skip the ‘Carrier Usage Charge’ on the online reservation and your residence is within a short driving distance from the airport, you can consider booking Allegiant tickets at the airport. Alternatively, you can choose to consult our experienced travel agents to get the best flight deals and book tickets at the most affordable price.

4. Book Hotels and Rental Cars as well besides Flights

To maximize your savings, you can check the deals on booking hotels and car rentals from Allegiant or ATW site and purchase them in advance.

5. Pack Smart and Print Your Boarding Pass online or outside the Airport

You can save big if you follow the baggage rules and pack smart to avoid paying for extra baggage. You should get your boarding pass printed online outside the airport to skip the $5 fee at the airport.

Follow these tips and set for a delightful vacation tour with your favorite Allegiant Airlines.