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What are the Payment Options in JetBlue Airlines Booking?

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The best thing that travelers love is the flexible payment options for flight booking or making payments for JetBlue airlines. Whether you book flights online, through a mobile app, at the airport, or from the call center on the phone, you can choose to pay through a debit or credit card, traveler’s check, digital wallet, or JetBlue Travel credit JetBlue Gift card and Western Union for domestic flights.

Multiple Payment Options in JetBlue

DEBIT and CREDIT CARDS Payment Options

A premier Airline like JetBlue offers flexible payment options. Travelers can pay for their tickets using prepaid credit cards or gift cards. It is essential to note that your credit card or gift card must have the balance to pay for the full amount of the airfare when booking online.

Besides credit cards, travelers can pay for their tickets with debit cards with Visa, Discover Card, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Japan Credit Bureau, and Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP).

Travel Credit – Payments Options

When booking online or on the phone, you can use travel credits that your JetBlue Travel Bank account shows. You can easily use the travel credit to book only a flight. However, you can’t use travel credit to purchase any ancillary.


You can pay for JetBlue tickets for yourself and your loved ones by cash at the airport ticket counters or city ticket offices. Many city ticket offices and airport ticket counters accept payments in local currencies. You must check the latest currency value vis a vis USD and pay the amount in full as per the USD value of the ticket.

Digital Wallet

Are you thinking about whether you can pay the JetBlue airfare with a UPI payment or a digital wallet? Then there is good news for you. You can use MasterPass, PayPal, and PayPal Credit to make the payment for JetBlue flight tickets booked online.

You can’t use digital wallets for tickets booked by phone or JetBlue mobile app.

Checks and Money Orders

No Cashier checks, money orders, third-party checks, business checks, or personal checks are entertained. JetBlue accepts only Traveler’s checks, and on a traveler check, you need to sign in front of a JetBlue airport crew member. If you fail to do so, your driving license and passport will be required for signature verification.

JetBlue Gift Cards

Travelers can redeem up to four JetBlue Gift cards at a time by calling +1-888-720-1433 / 1-866-534-0219 and speaking with a customer service agent. You can’t redeem these gift cards for group travel booking, codeshare flight booking, JetBlue vacation package, or ShopBlue merchandise. These gift cards don’t have any expiry date, dormancy fees, or monthly maintenance fees.

Western Union

Flyers can book domestic flights in JetBlue using Western Union. They need to call the customer service representative and select Western Union as a payment method, and their tickets will be kept on hold. They will get the confirmation code. Then they need to visit any Western Union center, meet with an agent, provide the confirmation code, make the full payment and book their reservations.

So, what are you waiting for? Realize your travel goals or dreams with JetBlue and AirlineTicketWorld and head to your dream destination, make flight ticket payments, or book a desired vacation package from JetBlue.