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Why Travelers Like to Use Southwest Airlines for Traveling?

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Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low-cost airline that provides flight services to over 121 destinations in the United States and ten other countries. The Dallas, Texas-based airline with a 735 Boeing 737 aircraft fleet operated more than 4000 flights a day during the peak season in 2019. Unlike other airlines, it uses a point-to-point network, allows two checked bags to fly for free, operates only Boeing 737 Jetliners, and caters to the travel needs of millions of leisure travelers and business travelers.

Tourists and business executives can find several reasons to book a flight in Southwest Airlines, making it the second-largest after American Airlines to command 20% market share in US cities. So, what makes Southwest Airlines the top choice for traveling? Read this blog to get enlightened on it.

#1. Increasing route network

Southwest Airlines fly to maximum destinations and has announced 17 new airports after the Covid-19 pandemic. Unlike the hub-and-spoke system of other airlines, it works on a rolling hub and point-to-point system wherein it allows maximum travelers to fly to unserviced cities or airports at a pocket-friendly cost.

#2. Low-Cost Airfare with Generous Change Policy

Southwest provides the most affordable flight services to local and international destinations like Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. Booking Southwest flights availing excellent flight deals means saving a lot that travelers can use to make their trip and vacation more enjoyable. With no change fee and effortless changes online or on-call, it provides maximum flexibility and fun to its clients. Compared to the other Big Three-United, American, and Delta, flights are more affordable and connect to most places.

#3. Get the matchless perk of Southwest: Companion Pass

Southwest Airlines offers Companion pass–a matchless perk like a Buy-one-get-one-free deal. If you love flying with a companion, you can earn a companion pass that allows you to travel with a companion without paying the airline charge except for the compulsory taxes and fees. For a companion pass that is valid for the whole year in which you earned it and the next year, you can earn it by flying 100 eligible flights in a calendar year or earning 1,25000 Rapid Reward Points in a year.

#4. Fly with two checked bags for free/ no nickel and diming

Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge you for minor services, and you can be free from any add-on or hidden fee. Even if you book the cheapest Southwest ticket, you can still check in with two bags for free, provided they are within the allowed size limits.

Moreover, if you cancel one flight and book another cheaper flight, you will be returned the fare difference. If the ticket you booked gets cheaper after a few weeks, you can cancel your original ticket and book a new one at a lower cost, and you will receive the fare difference in your account in case of refundable tickets. If you had booked Wanna Get Away, you would get the fare difference as travel funds.

#5. Award-winning Frequent Flyer Program: Rapid Rewards

You will love to join Southwest’s most adorable Rapid Rewards Program, a revenue-based program. Travelers can join the program freely, and the points they earn from flying with Southwest never expire. Every seat available can be booked as a reward seat with no blackout dates. The average value of Rapid Reward points is 1.4 cents.

Southwest Airlines makes it the top choice for most business and leisure travelers with a simple onboarding process, customer-friendly change and cancellation policy, award-winning frequent flyer program, free checked bags, and affordable flight fares.

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Suppose you experience difficulty booking Southwest flights online or have any baggage problems. In that case, you can call Southwest Airlines Contact Number to speak to a live customer service representative and resolve the issue.

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