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Travel Hacks to Avoid Most Southwest Fees for Affordable Flight

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Flying in the world’s largest low-cost air carrier Southwest Airlines and getting excellent in-flight services and customer service can provide you with the most memorable air travel experience. The leading Dallas, Texas-based air carrier is quite different from other airlines in multiple ways. Not only does it enjoy an enviable reputation in the United States with a robust network and impressive revenue growth, but it is also loved for its generous baggage policy (2 checked bags fly for free), cheap flight tickets, and excellent customer service.

If you plan to book a Southwest flight or are preparing for a trip with it, you must know all kinds of Southwest fees, such as baggage fees, flight change or cancellation fees, early bird check-in fees, boarding upgrade fees, pet fees, unaccompanied minor fees, and inflight fees. Read this blog to get a fair idea of different kinds of fees on Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Oversized and Overweight Baggage Fees

Do you know Southwest allows 2 checked bags to fly for free with each bag not exceeding 62 inches and 50 pounds? It means if your checked bags are of increased size (63-80 inches) or overweight (51-100 pounds), you need to pay a baggage fee of $75 for the same. If you decide to check the third bag and others, you will have to pay $75 for each bag.

Want to bring sports equipment, a bicycle or more? You can check out the terms and conditions or sports equipment baggage fee on the Southwest Airlines official site.

For active-duty military persons boarding Southwest flights, the two bags limit and the oversized and overweight baggage fee don’t apply. However, no bag of 100 pounds or overall 80 inches is accepted on Southwest flights.

EarlyBird Check-in Fee

Southwest airlines allows travelers to check in 24 hours before the flight departure. If you want to check-in earlier to get a better boarding position, you can purchase an early bird check-in at $15- $25 for a one-way flight that will help you get access to your preferred seat based on availability and overhead bin storage for your carry-on bags.

Upgraded Boarding Fee

Based on availability, Southwest flyers can upgrade their boarding position and may get aisle seats in front of planes for a fee of $30-$50 per flight.

Unaccompanied Minor Fee

Any unaccompanied minor or your kid of 5-11 years can fly in the Southwest for which you need to pay $50 for a one-way that is more affordable than most other legacy air carriers.

Pet Fee

If you desire to fly with a furry friend in the Southwest, you just need to pay $95 per pet carrier.

In-flight Fee

If you need to purchase a drink you can do so inflight by paying $6-$7 per serving of wine, beer or liquor, and $8 for Wi-Fi internet access.


Booking Southwest flight tickets at least three to four weeks earlier, doing smart and light packing and completing check-in as early as possible within the first five to ten minutes of the beginning of check-in will help you save a considerable amount on baggage and check-in fee. You can’t skip the pet fees or unaccompanied minor fees. However, you can get the maximum bang for your buck with careful planning and preparation and by hiring an experienced travel agent like Airlineticketworld for lucrative deals on Southwest vacation packages.