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Top Things to Know for Seamless Pet Travel in Frontier

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At times, traveling with pets becomes compulsory or it may be out of choice that adds joy and fun to the trip. If you don’t want to feel the guilt of missing your pet or leaving your pet behind, you must check out your preferred airline’s pet travel policy and follow the guidelines for seamless booking and travel.

Whether you want to fly in Frontier with a dog, cat, or rabbit, Frontier has a user-friendly pet travel policy that facilitates pet owners to fly with their pets on domestic or international flights.  You should check out the Frontier Airlines Pet Policy to find out the permitted animals, pet fees, travel requirements, and guidelines to follow to ensure that you remain free from any hassle.

All You Need to Know About Frontier Airlines Pet Policy

  • On all domestic flights, Frontier allows pet owners to carry dogs, cats, small birds, rabbits and hamsters with them.
  • On international flights, travelers can only take their domesticated dogs and cats. Besides, they should ensure that they have valid papers that allow the hassle-free entrance of their pets to their arrival countries.
  • You need to pay a $99 fee for a one-way flight for flying with your pet in the cabin. Service animals are allowed to travel for free with their owners. Emotional support animals are taken as regular pets for which pet owners need to pay the fee of $99.
  • For safe and seamless pet travel, your pet must be in a pet carrier which should not be larger than 18” X 14” X 8” that you can bring along with a carry-on bag for free. The pet carrier must suitably fit under the seat in front of you.
  •  Pets can’t travel in Frontier in a cargo, hence pet owners with larger-sized pets need to look for another airline to travel.
  • Your pet must be in sound health, not be distressed or aggressive and not be producing any kind of nuisance, lest they can be denied boarding. Hence, you must make sure to train your pets to adopt the right behavior and travel on a Frontier flight seamlessly.
  •  Make sure that your pet is calm and relaxed during boarding or travel.
  •  If you are traveling with an ESA, it’s crucial to fill out two documents- the Animal  Behavior Acknowledgment and Medical/Mental Health Professional Information that validates your need for a service animal. Submit them to Frontier Airlines 48 hours before the flight departure so that the airline staff properly accommodates your travel needs. Failing to do this may need you to incur an extra fee.

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