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Top 5 Reasons to Fly with Breeze Airways

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Newest Budget Airline Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways is the newest budget airline in Utah that launched its inaugural flight from Tampa, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina on 27th May 2021. Started by JetBlue Founder David Neeleman, Breeze Airways provides non-stop, point-to-point flight services to various secondary cities and is now rapidly expanding its route network to touch base with larger cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Orlando to make it to 31 destinations.

If you have planned your summer vacation trip from New Orleans to Hartford, Connecticut or Tampa, in Florida to New Orleans or Los Angeles to Provo, booking Breeze Airlines can be the best bet.  If you wonder why travelers love flying with Breeze Airlines, read this blog to get a fair idea and convincing reasons for choosing Breeze airways.

Experience Newer and Nicer Way to Fly with Breeze Airways

With a fleet of 17 aircraft—13 Embraer and 4 Airbus A220-300, the airline provides point-to-point flight services on 39 routes, promoting it as offering a new and nicer way to fly to all its passengers. Although it is a low-cost airline, it doesn’t nickel-and-dime for everything like Spirit.

Here is a checklist of reasons that make Breeze Airways one of the fastest growing airlines in the United States.

#1. Connects Secondary Cities with Point-to Point Services

Do you know, Breeze is a low-cost airline that connects many underserved destinations in the United States where you wouldn’t find other airlines? On its one year anniversary, it launched seven new flights from Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

With this people in Connecticut can fly to Nashville, Akron/Canton, Savannah, Richmond, and Jacksonville in Florida. A flight from Windsor Locks, Connecticut to Las Vegas, Nevada will be launched in September.

#2. Experience Seriously Nice Non-stop service

With kindness as a Business Model, Breeze airline’s crew members provide superb-class inflight services and treat its guests well.  Travelers can book tickets under- Nice, Nicer and Nicest fare that comes with its own travel perks.

The Nice Tickets is equivalent to a Basic Economy ticket in the United Airlines, where travelers can bring one personal item for free and have to pay a flat $20 for a Carry-on-bag or a checked bag.

#3. No Flight Change or Cancelation Fee

Breeze doesn’t charge any flight change or cancelation fee regardless of any fare class. Besides, on canceling one’s ticket, travelers get travel credit for the amount that they paid to be used for the next 24 months.

#4. Complimentary Water and Snacks

Breeze will soon start offering complimentary snacks to passengers with Nicer fare tickets in all its aircraft and that would be expanded to include special snacks and beverages available for purchase. Besides, travelers can enjoy in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi connectivity in future with its upcoming Airbus A220 aircraft.

#5. Easy to use Breeze Points and Past Flight Credits

Breeze Points is the frequent flyer program of Breeze that you can easily join for free by creating your profile before booking a ticket. You will get the BreezePoints as a specific percentage of your paid amount.

For booking Nice Fares, you get 2% and Nicer Fares, you get 4% of the amount as Breeze points that exclude taxes and other fees. Likewise, for baggage fees and seat selection fees, 4% of the paid amount is accrued as Breeze points.

Downloading the Breeze Airways app helps you get 500 Breeze Points. Say goodbye to all your concerns, book Breeze Airways Flight to your dream destination with ATW and set for the most thrilling journey, enjoying a decent air travel experience.