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Proven Travel Hacks to Bypass Delta Airlines Baggage Fees

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Baggage fees constitute an important component of your air travel expenses. Whether you are on a domestic Delta flight or an international one, you must know the baggage allowance and fees as per the Delta Airlines baggage policy and pack smart to save max on your luggage fees. You can use the baggage allowance, follow the specific guidelines and pack your bags lightly or use smart hacks to skip the baggage charge.

Delta Baggage Allowance and Fee Structure

As Delta is a premium legacy air carrier, you won’t get to enjoy travel perks like free baggage as in Southwest. However, in-depth knowledge of the baggage allowance, smart packaging, and being a premium member of the loyalty program that entitles you to avail of Delta baggage fee discounts can help you travel without any financial concern and guilt of paying extra for the bags.

Check out some proven travel tips that will help you save maximum on your Delta Airline baggage fees.

Pack lightly to include only a personal item and a carry-on bag

Delta Airlines allows travelers to bring a personal item that should suitably fit under the space beneath the seats in front of them and a carry on-bag that combined size should not exceed 45 inches (Length +Width Height) and individual size within 22” x 14 “ x 9” inches. Your personal item can be anything from a small backpack, a camera bag, a purse, or any small-sized item. If you are a solo traveler or traveling with a small child, you can pack bags lightly and fly without paying hefty baggage fees.

Keep Your Checked Bags under the permissible limit and pay for them at the earliest

Delta Airlines allows every traveler in the main cabin of domestic flights to purchase the first checked bag for $30, provided the baggage weighs less than 50 pounds or 23 kg, and the second checked bag for $40 with the same 23 kg weight limit. A checked bag’s overall size should not exceed 62 inches.

For Delta international flights outside of the US, the checked bags fees vary considerably and travelers need to know the baggage fees based on their baggage number, weight and size, and travel destination. You must restrict your checked bags to two and keep them within the permissible weight and size limit, lest you need to pay extra for both oversized and overweight bags.

Sign up for Delta SkyMiles and Earn Miles to achieve Medallion Status

If you fly frequently with Delta, you should sign up for its loyalty program- Delta SkyMiles, and earn miles to achieve a Medallion status- Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver. Even if you get to the silver level, you can enjoy waived checked baggage fees, unlimited complimentary upgrades, and other travel perks.  Up to 8 travel companions can receive their first checked bag for free.

Purchase a Premium ticket for extra baggage allowance

For extra comfortable seats and higher standards of amenities along with getting maximum baggage allowance, it makes sense to buy tickets of Business Class or First Class. It will help you get two checked bags for free. Weigh all the factors and make the best decision whether the first class or business class tickets would be worth it.

Besides, if you are an active-duty military person or a war veteran, you can get 5v checked bags for free. So, make the right choice and save money on Delta baggage fees.