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All You Need to Know About Frontier Frequent Flyer Program

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Frontier Miles is the Frontier frequent flyer program that allows travelers to earn miles and redeem them to book award flights, auto rentals, buy gift cards, or shopping. If you love flying America’s greenest airline- Frontier, you can do well to join the program and earn enough miles or get maximum bang for the buck. Unlike other airlines, Frontier allows travelers to earn miles based on the distance between two airports flown by them and not the expenses incurred on booking tickets. When it comes to comparing the miles earning rate on every dollar spent on various airlines, Frontier’s flights came out to be 10.5, which is a decent value in its own right.

Although Frontier miles are valued at 0.7 cent per mile, travelers can earn them easier than others by flying long distances. If you want to know how Frontier Miles are valued and how to earn them, redeem them and get maximum value from them, read this blog to get a fair idea on the same.

Frontier Frequent Flyer Program

Frontier Miles: Earn Elite Status Easily to Get Maximum Value

Frontier flyers are likely to get maximum travel perks and unlock various benefits when they accumulate enough miles to earn the elite status, such as Elite 20k, 50k, and 100k. When you fly 20,000 qualifying miles or complete 25 segments in a year, you earn Elite 20k status that entitles you to enjoy all the travel benefits associated with it.

The rewards you gain from Elite 20k are enumerated below:

  • Members are allowed to bring a free carry-on bag onboard
  • Get Free Advanced Seat Assignment except for Stretch Seats
  • Upgrade your seat for free to choose stretch seats at the ticket counter, gate, or during check-in
  • No award fee and no travel fee for members: Members can get same-day confirmation and same-day standby
  • Priority boarding and Express TSA at select airports
  • Any traveler listed in the group can use miles to redeem the last seats.

Ways to Earn Frontier Miles – Frontier Frequent Flyer Program

Any frontier flyer can join the Frontier Miles for free. They can book frontier flight tickets and earn miles based on the distance between their departure and arrival airports or getting additional miles on booking tickets for promotional flight offers.

Besides, travelers can sign up for Frontier Airlines World MasterCard that offers them 50,000 bonus miles for joining. Shopping with the credit card to book tickets allows card holders to earn 5 miles per $1 spent on airfare and 1 point on each dollar spent on others. Putting $2500 in the card helps you get a $100 discount voucher that is enough to make up for the card’s annual fee of $89.

Frontier also allows travelers to earn miles by shopping with Frontier partners like select hotel chains, car rental service providers, retailers and others.

Redeem your Frontier flights to book any of the three seats- Economy, Choice and Last Seats based on the availability. For more details, you can visit the official website of Frontier airlines (

If you experience any difficulty in booking award flights or your miles not being shown in your account, consult an experienced online travel agent- Airlineticketworld to resolve your issues and get the best travel solution.