JetBlue Baggage Policy

Jetblue Baggage Policy - AirlineticketworldHow Much Do I have to Pay for my Extra Baggage with JetBlue Airlines?

JetBlue’s New Baggage Policy – Knowing all about the baggage policies of an airline is very important, especially if you are planning for a holiday or preparing for an upcoming trip. Luckily, JetBlue Airlines offers a flexible and easy to understand JetBlue baggage policy that takes care of your luggage even if they are overweight or oversized. Still, there are multiple things you need to keep in mind before traveling or before you purchase your ticket.

Being a major American carrier, JetBlue Airlines maintains a subtle policy when it comes to your bags. With more than 104 destinations to serve, JetBlue lets you choose flexible baggage if your bags go above the allowed limits. The New York based carrier has a vast network and maintains around 282 crafts that fly to different locations around the country.

Here is What You Need to Know About JetBlue Baggage Policy?

There are three main types of luggage allowed for an average customer on a flight. These are:

  1. Personal Item or Small Bags
  2. Carry-On Bags
  3. Checked Bags

Jetblue Carry on Size for Personal Item

With JetBlue Airlines, all the customers (including Core and Mint) can keep a free personal item. You will not be charged for this item unless it is under the prescribed size limit of 17 inches in length, 13 inches in width, 8 inches in height, or 43.2 cm in length, 33 cm in width, and 20.32 cm in height. These Jetblue personal item size allow for below items:

  • Hand Purse
  • Small Backpack
  • Laptop Backpack
  • Small Camera Bag
  • Pet Carrier

Jetblue Carry on Bags

As per JetBlue carry on policy, all the passengers traveling in Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, or the Mint Classes are allowed to bring one piece of Carry-on Bag with them. This bag should be less than or equal to 22 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 9 inches in height, or 55.88 cm in length, 35.56 cm in width, and 22.86 cm in height. Any carry-on bag that is bigger than the permitted Jetblue carry on dimensions will incur excess baggage charges.

JetBlue Checked Baggage

Mosaic Customers can carry up to two checked baggage without paying any extra jetblue carry on fees. Any passenger can add checked bags to their booking. As per JetBlue checked bag policy, the maximum number of Jet blue checked bags allowed per customer is two, which can be checked in at the airport. The maximum linear dimensions of your checked bags can be 62 inches or 157.48 cm. The linear measurement is the total sum of your bags’ length, width, and height. It should also not exceed the jetblue baggage weight limit of 50 pounds or 22.68 kilograms.

Jetblue baggage fees for Overweight or Oversized Bags – JetBlue Bag Policy

Jetblue Carryon Policy – For Overweight Bags

For all Jetblue checked bag fee that weigh between 51 pounds and 99 pounds, an additional $150 charge will be applied per bag. An additional £120 charge will be applied per bag for customers traveling to and from the United Kingdom.

JetBlue Baggage PolicyFor Oversized Bags

For all checked bags that have a linear dimension between 63 inches or 160 cm and 80 inches or 203.3 cm, an additional $150 charge will be applied per bag. An additional £120 charge will be applied per bag for customers traveling to and from the United Kingdom.

How to Buy Additional Baggage Allowance – Jet blue Baggage Policy

There are four ways by which you buy additional baggage allowance according to your bags. These are:

  1. At the time of Reservation
  2. At the time of Check-in (Jetblue check in baggage)
  3. Over the Call
  4. At the Airport

At the time of Reservation

You can buy an additional baggage allowance at the time of making your reservation. This will cost you the least amount out of all. You should only use the service at the time of booking when you are sure that you are carrying excess, oversized, or overweight baggage.

At the time of Check-in

You can make your check-in 24 hours before your scheduled flight departure. You can also buy an additional allowance at this time so you can be stress-free and save your time at the airport. This method is also cheaper than the airport method.

Over the Call or on the Phone

This is probably the easiest way to buy an additional baggage allowance. All you have to do is call JetBlue Airlines Customer Care Number +1-888-720-1433 and ask for an added luggage allowance. You can also call for travel-related assistance on flight bookings, status, cancelations, and refund-related queries. AirlineTicketWorld will let you book the cheapest flight tickets to anywhere in the world with an assured discount. Use the code ATW20 to claim your 20% savings.

At the Airport

You directly pay the added amount at the time of baggage check-in at the airport. Please keep in mind that this method may cost you more than the online and call method.