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JetBlue Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy: All You Need To Know

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In the tough times after the global pandemic, when the economy is slowly getting on track, budget-savvy travelers look for various ways to get maximum bang for the buck. They seek lucrative flight deals and discounted vacation packages that would lead them to their scheduled destinations with maximum ease, comfort and joy. JetBlue airlines is the seventh largest North American air carrier that many thrifty travelers love to book to fly to various US destinations. Thanks to its low-cost flight tickets, in-flight entertainment, complimentary snacks and beverages and low-cost cancellation and change fees.

Before you book the cheapest JetBlue flight tickets from the official site of JetBlue or an experienced travel agent like Airlineticketworld, you must know well about JetBlue Airlines cancellation policy and JetBlue refund policy. It will help you escape any surprise and get decent value for money in case you need to cancel your ticket.

Top Things to Know on JetBlue Flight Tickets Cancellation

Based on the tickets you purchase- Refundable or Non-refundable, you will be entitled to get refund as per the JetBlue Airlines Refund policy.

24 hour Change or Cancelation Policy

If you cancel your JetBlue tickets within 24 hours of booking for a flight scheduled to depart after 7 days, you will get the complete ticket price as refund without any change or cancellation fee, regardless of the ticket type you have.

Canceling a Refundable Ticket

If you have booked refundable tickets and you cancel your ticket before the scheduled departure, you will get complete refund of airfare. If you desire to change and rebook ticket on another flight, you need to pay the airfare difference. If you miss your flight or miss to cancel your refundable flight tickets, you will get the refund as travel credit in your JetBlue Travel bank that you can use to book future flights.

Canceling a non-refundable ticket

When you cancel a JetBlue non-refundable ticket beyond the 24 hour timeline, you will need to pay a flight change or cancellation fee of $100 on your Blue Basic tickets. Travelers with Blue, Mint, Blue Extra, and Blue Plus tickets need not pay any fees for flight change or cancellation.

Canceling a non-refundable tickets allows you to get JetBlue credit of the basic airfare only after deduction of the Taxes and other Govt. fees. You can use the travel credit to book future flights.  Ensure that you make flight changes or cancel your non-refundable tickets before your flight departure, lest you lose all your money that will be forfeited.

If you have award tickets and want to make flight changes, you can’t do so as JetBlue doesn’t allow it. You need to cancel the unused flight segment and rebook new flight tickets at the current fare. Canceling a single leg of JetBlue trip is not permitted. You must cancel all flight segments on an Award ticket.

If you experience any difficulty in JetBlue flight booking or making changes or cancellation, you can rely on our experienced travel agents to get prompt and efficient travel solutions. Feel free to contact Airlineticketworld for the best flight shopping experience or booking hotel and vacation package at an affordable price.