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How to Save Money on Baggage Fees for Affordable Frontier Air Travel?

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Frontier Airlines is one of the most preferred ultra-low-cost air carriers travelers love to fly with to various local and international destinations. Do you know you can fly from Denver to Las Vegas on Frontier for $26 as airfare for a one-way trip? With flight tickets at an incredibly low price, Frontier allows budget-savvy travelers to fly comfortably to their dream destinations for a memorable leisure trip. However, before flying Frontier, you must know the Frontier Airlines baggage policy and how to reduce the cost or avoid pesky baggage fees.It will help you pack bags lightly and efficiently to save a considerable amount on luggage cost.

The knowledge of Frontier Airlines baggage fees and luggage allowance empowers you to make informed decisions and say goodbye to any surprises. You can pack your bags efficiently to minimize your bag expenses and save more on air travel to make your trip more enjoyable.

Read this blog to know more about Frontier’s baggage allowance and how to get maximum leverage from it.

  • Frontier allows one personal item for free that must fit under the seat in front of you. You should note that the Frontier Airlines personal item size should not exceed 14”x 18” x 8” inches (height x width x depth). Besides the personal item, you can bring some additional items for free, such as canes, coats, assistive devices, diaper bags, and foot rugs on the aircraft.
  • When you inquire about bringing a carry-on bag to Frontier, you should know that Frontier carry-on bag size is limited to 24 x 16 x 10 inches, and its weight should be no more than 35 lb or 16 kg. You need to pay a fee of $37-$60, based on the route, date, where you purchase bags, and the bags’ weight. You can avoid the carry-on baggage fee altogether.
  • Frontier Airlines allows travelers to check up to three bags or more at $34 to $60 for the first checked bag, $39-$55 for the second checked bag, and $85-$95 for three or more bags.
  • A Frontier airlines checked bag standard size is 62 inches overall (height +width + depth), and the weight of checked bags for travelers flying on or after 01 March 2022 is 40 pounds or 18.1kg.
  • The maximum permissible size and weight limit of a checked bag are 110 linear inches and 100 pounds. If your checked bags are between 41-50 pounds, you may need to spend an overweight fee of $50 per bag and $100 for a checked bag weighing 51 to 100 pounds, both for a one-way flight.
  • Some checked bags like sports items or a bicycle come under a ‘special baggage’ category on which different regulations apply. If your sports item is more than 40 pounds and oversized as well, it will incur only the overweight fees and not the oversized charge. Likewise, for checking a bicycle, you will require spending a flat fee of $75 regardless of its size and weight.

Tips to Save Money on Frontier Baggage  

If you want to save money on your luggage costs on your Frontier flight, you should follow these proven tips and get the maximum benefit from the same.

#1. Bring a personal item only

You can save a considerable amount on the luggage cost if you bring only a personal bag containing all essential items. A medium-size backpack containing clothes, a laptop, and other items that weighs less than or equal to 35lb will help you escape paying any Frontier baggage fee.

#2. Pay for checked bags at the time of online booking

Every budget-savvy traveler should consider paying for baggage at the time of online booking when the price is the lowest. Plan beforehand and finalize your baggage purchase at the time of booking to incur the minimum fees before it goes up.

#3. Buy “the WORKS” or “the PERKS” Bundle for a Round Trip

If you plan a round trip on Frontier Airlines and have a carry-on and checked bag, you should consider purchasing a specialty fare or Bundle airfare like ‘The WORKS’ or ‘The PERKS”.  Both Bundles allow travelers to take a carry-on bag and a checked bag for free, along with the travel perk of seat selection and priority boarding. However, you will require spending another $60-$120 per person for each leg of your air travel to buy this specialty airfare. The Bundle airfare varies by your flight route and date. Weigh all the pros and cons before purchasing specialty fare to choose only the most affordable travel option.

#4. Join Frontier Miles Program to Enjoy Various Travel Perks

Joining the Frontier frequent flyer program- Frontier Miles and achieving the elite status like Elite 20K by earning 20,000 miles lets you fly with a free carry-on bag on every Frontier flight.  Elite 100K on reaching 100,000 miles allows you to fly with a free carry-on bag and a checked bag.

When you get Frontier Airlines World Mastercard, it will allow you to earn more miles through shopping from it and earning 5x miles on every purchase on For more details, you can check out here.

#5. Bring Your Active Military ID and Documents

Active duty US military personnel, National Guard service members, and coast guards can take one carry-on bag, and two checked bags for free.  Besides, the airline has waived the oversize and overweight fee for military men on the first two checked bags till they are under the maximum limits.

Follow these tips and pack smartly to save maximum on Frontier flights and fly comfortably to your desired destination. You can count on our seasoned travel agents to get expert travel solutions for any booking or baggage issue or Frontier flight booking management.