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How to Enjoy Stress-free Alaska Air Travel with the Alaska Airlines Mobile App?

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Alaska Airlines is known for its excellent customer service. Its frequent flyer program is considered the best in the industry. With the maximum number of flights from the West Coast, Alaska Airlines makes it easy for people to realize their travel dreams and fly to their preferred local and international destinations. Whether you desire to fly to Miami or Mexico to enjoy a week long vacation at a gorgeous beach or Canada or Costa Rica, you must download Alaska airlines mobile app and book the cheapest Alaska airlines flight to your destination. The Alaska airlines mobile app will prove to be your best travel companion that will help plan and book the trip, complete check-in seamlessly, and get a mobile boarding pass from the comfort of home.

Tips for Enjoyable Alaska Airlines Flights

Read this blog to get some invaluable tips that will make Alaska flights stress-free and more convenient.

#1. Download the Alaska Airlines Mobile app on Your Smartphone

Even before planning your tour and booking a flight, you must download the Alaska airlines app and use it to check out airfares, book tickets, check in, know your flight status, get digital boarding, pass, make flight changes or manage travel booking.

#2. Use Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app for Seamless International Trip

Planning an international trip with Alaska? You can use Mobile Passport Control App to submit a passport and customs declaration which makes it easier for your entry into the United States. You save time by skipping completing the paper form or using an APC kiosk.

#3. Arrive at the Departure Earlier for Check-in and TSA screening

When you are traveling during peak season you must take care to arrive at the airport quite early at least 3 hours before the flight as parking, baggage check-in, and security inspection can take longer than expected due to the crowd. Keep yourself updated on the cut-off time for reaching the gate and boarding the flight at your chosen airport.

#4. Pre-order Your Meals before the Flight

Do you know with the Alaska app, you can book tickets, complete check-in, get a mobile boarding pass, and pre-order your favorite freshly-prepared meals that will help you relish West Coast cuisines with your loved ones.

#5. Keep Alaska Airlines Customer Service Number Handy For Any Travel Issues

Whether you have booked an Alaska ticket online or from a travel agent, you must always keep the Alaska Airlines customer service number and Central Baggage Service office number handy to resolve your flight booking or baggage issues.

#6. Follow Baggage Policy and Pet Policy

Packing your bags efficiently following the allowance and keeping yourself updated on the pet policy, cancelation and refund policy or travel requirements for special needs people will help make your Alaska air travel smooth and convenient.

So, stay updated on the Alaska airlines travel rules and policy and use the Alaska Airlines app to enjoy your Alaska flight to the utmost.