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How Safe are Allegiant Airlines Flights now?

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Allegiant Airline operates with the mission to provide low-cost flight services to all its passengers letting them visit their dream destinations confidently. With an extensive experience of 24 years of flight operations and an extremely low incident rate in these years, Allegiant commands a seven-star safety rating by a leading agency It has had an impeccable fatality-free record since its inception.

Travelers can book Allegiant flights free from worries or any safety concerns. Whether you are looking for an allegiant airlines reservation for your flight to Orlando, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, or any other US city, you can rely on Allegiant airlines to fly to your dream destination safely and in a relaxed way.

How Allegiant Ensures Fool-proof Safety of Passengers?

Passenger safety is at the core of Allegiant’s flight operations and travel policies. Allegiant sticks to the highest safety regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), CDC, and WHO.  The airline’s experienced management team and crew members comply with the Covid 19 safety regulations and guidelines laid down by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization.

Here is a checklist of some crucial measures as per the Covid-19 compliance:

  •         Deep Cleaning of Allegiant Aircraft
  •         Safety Kit for passengers
  •         Website with proper Covid 19 safety information and instructions
  •         Safe Onboarding with Social Distancing
  •         Compulsory Face mask for all
  •         PPE Kit to Flight Attendant
  •         Modified Meal Service

Passengers with a disability or special travel need can fly with assistants or a task-trained animal for which they need to inform the airline 72 hours before the flight departure. They must follow the Traveling with Service Animals Guidelines.

From following hospital-grade deep cleaning of aircraft to maintaining the highest air quality in the cabins using the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) filters, Allegiant ensures that all its passengers enjoy air travel and have a superb in-flight experience.

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Check out the flight deals available on Allegiant for a one-way, round trip to your scheduled destination. You must plan your itinerary well, pack your bags smartly and gain valuable insights from seasoned travel agents about making your trip more enjoyable. You can book hotel accommodations and car rentals from Allegiant’s official website or our site from the comfort of your home. Make it a point to complete your and your loved ones’ vaccination before Allegiant Airlines booking to gain peace of mind and follow the safety guidelines like reduced contact, using face masks all the time, frequent sanitization, and others to fly safely and responsibly.

With the new incoming B737 MAX aircraft and other airbus aircraft, experienced pilots, and crew members, Allegiant promises a safe, comfortable, and fuss-free flight experience. Set aside all your concerns and book an Allegiant flight to enjoy your trip to your favorite leisure destination.