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How JetBlue Best Fares Finder Help Find Cheapest Flights?

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JetBlue is a leading low-cost air carrier that provides direct non-stop and one or two-stop flight services to travelers throughout the US and some selected international destinations. It offers spacious economy seats, free Wi-Fi for unlimited entertainment, snacks and drinks, and excellent in-flight services.

Whether you have to book flights from New York to London or Aruba, Colombia, or Mexico, you can use the JetBlue best fares finder to get irresistible airfare deals. The Fare finder is an intuitive, easy-to-use search tool that helps travel planners find the ticket prices on various dates. Unlike other tools, it doesn’t require viewers to enter their preferred travel dates and destinations, but it showcases a calendar populated with the cheapest flight price for each day along their chosen flight routes.

How to Use JetBlue Best Fare Finder to Find the Cheapest Flights

JetBlue’s Best fare finder is easy to use and helps travelers find the dates when JetBlue provides the cheapest flights. The key to booking tickets at the lowest airfare is to remain flexible and choose the flight’s date when airfare is at its lowest rate.

Steps to Follow to Using the JetBlue Best Fare Finder

Here is a checklist of crucial steps to follow when looking for the cheapest flights in JetBlue on your preferred days/dates:

  •         Visit JetBlue Home Page online
  •         Click the ‘Book’ section and find the ‘Best Fare Finder’ in the drop-down menu
  •         Enter your Travel details, such as departure and arrival airport, round-trip or one-way trip, how many travelers in the group.
  •         After filling in your travel details, click “Explore fares.”
  •         Choose specific  departure date and the calendar re-populates with return fares
  •         Select specific return date and click on see flights
  •         View the flight details after selecting the flight
  •         Click on ‘Load Fares’ to see the cheapest flights in a few months ahead.
  •         Ensure to assess how the cheapest flights fit with your scheduled trip
  •         You can check out the flight details and view the summary or go for the seat upgrade
  •         Proceed to check out and book your ticket instantly.

What are the Best Tips to Save Money on JetBlue Flights?

Whether you desire to book tickets for a JetBlue international flight or domestic flight, you can consider following experts’ tips to save maximum on your JetBlue flight booking. Check out some vital tips to help you beat the airline’s algorithm or dynamic pricing.

#1. Book JetBlue flights on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.

As most airlines come up with promotional flight sales offers late evening or night of Monday, booking flights on the early morning of Tuesday can be the best bet. You can sign up to get email notifications for the fare alert that will help you stay updated on the latest airfares.

#2. Book Flights with Flexibility in Mind

Flexibility related to travel date and destination is one of the best ways to book the cheapest flights. When you use the JetBlue best fares finder, you should have flexibility in mind. The same applies to JetBlue vacations as well. You can check out offers or discounts available on vacation packages.

#3. Signup for TrueBlue Account

Joining JetBlue frequent flyer program TrueBlue is also the best way to save money booking award flights. Sign up for this reward program and earn points on every flight with no blackout dates.

#4. Go for JetBlue Plus Card

Applying for a JetBlue Plus Card is another way to save money on baggage, in-flight dining, JetBlue Vacations, and getting the point rebates on TrueBlue when redeeming. With a generous welcome bonus, one can easily save a considerable amount through the JetBlue Plus card to make one’s trip more enjoyable and memorable.

FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions) Related to Best Fare Finder

What is JetBlue Best Fare Finder?

JetBlue Best Fare finder is a tool that travelers can find the best flight deals on their preferred travel dates and destinations. It is like a fare calendar that is populated with JetBlue one-way and round-fares on various dates in a year.

How to Use the JetBlue Best Fare Finder?

Using JetBlue best fare finder is fairly easy. You simply have to visit the homepage of JetBlue, enter the flight departure and arrival airport, use the drop down menu to select the best fare finder, and check out the airfare at the selected date. Having satisfied with the suitability of the tickets, seats, and perks you get, you can choose to book tickets and save money.

What is the best time and day to book JetBlue International Flights?

If you want to book the cheapest JetBlue Flight tickets on International flights, Tuesday afternoon is the best day and time to book tickets. Besides, you can check ticket prices on Wednesday and Saturday or compare tickets cost on various dates and OTA platforms.

Can I find cheaper JetBlue tickets at the airport?

Booking JetBlue tickets at JetBlue Airport will help you save $20 that JetBlue charges as a passenger usage fee in online transactions. However, you may not get the discount offers available only online. Also, the discounts depend on the type of tickets and the flight routes.

Can I get the fare difference if my JetBlue ticket price goes down after booking it?

If your JetBlue ticket price goes down, you can receive a credit voucher or the points back as a fare difference if you call the customer service representative within five days. Whether you booked tickets using points or cash, you will get a fare difference as points or travel credit that you must use within one year of receiving it. You can use the travel voucher to book tickets for any passenger, provided you book with your JetBlue account.