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How Frontier Spirit Merger Will Change the Landscape of Ultra-Low-Cost Aviation?

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Whether you are an adventure enthusiast planning to travel to Cancun or visiting Orlando with your loved one, expensive flight tickets sabotage your travel plans. You may be planning to book flight tickets in an ultra-low-cost airline for your round trip that saves a considerable amount and provides you the best value in the air. Here is good news for you. Frontier Airlines has planned to buy Spirit Airlines in a $2.9 million bid that will redefine the landscape of the ultra-low-cost aviation industry and help you travel to new destinations at a low cost.

Read this blog to learn how the merger will democratize air travel and provide strong competition to the Big four US airlines—American, United, Delta, and Southwest that together command nearly 80% of the US air travel market. How these airlines’ merger will help you score the cheapest Frontier Airlines flight booking and visit your dream destinations with your loved ones? It is interesting to know how it significantly impacts meeting travelers’ needs and enhancing efficiency.

Ways in which Frontier-Spirit Merger Will Affect Air Travel

The merger makes the new airline the 5th largest airline in the US, catering to the travel needs of the maximum number of travelers worldwide.

· More New Destinations will be Added Offering More Travel Choices and Flexibility

With the merging of these ultra-low-cost airlines- Frontier and Spirit, the new airline (yet to be named) will provide more than 1000 flights a day to over 150 destinations with the help of nearly 300 aircraft. It will facilitate travelers to visit their preferred cities in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Frontier airlines claim that it will result in yearly savings amounting to nearly $ 1 billion.

· Enhanced Reliability with the Least Flight Disruptions and Increased Frequency

Besides the new destinations added, some routes will have increased flight frequency. The airline merger will make it more reliable, and travelers’ complaints related to flight disruptions and cancelation will reduce drastically. It will help travelers easily book alternate flights, thereby getting other convenient options leading to the least flight disruption.

· More Comfort and Travel Options With Improved Frequent Flyer and Baggage Policies

With many budget airlines having smaller Frequent Flyer programs than large air carriers, the merger will enhance the comfort of travelers, letting them enjoy more travel and baggage options with frequent flyer programs.

· Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Better In-Flight Amenities and Services

Frontier and Spirit, when combined, will have enhanced operational efficiency backed up by an experienced airlines management team and crew members who will help travelers enjoy their air travel to the utmost. Guests will experience better in-flight services and amenities, adding to their travel joy and comfort.

How the Airlines Merger Makes Sense?

Overlapping of Nearly 520 of over 2800 Routes
As per Cirium—a renowned aviation data and consulting firm, Spirit and Frontier has an overlapping route in nearly 520 destinations sections in over 2800 routes. Combining these airlines will increase flight frequency and let the new airline garner profit.
Both the Airlines have recorded considerable profits in the revenue passenger miles from 2013-2019, showing an upsurge to doubling the figure from 2.8% to 5.4%. The combination will streamline their growth and let passengers fly to new destinations at a pocket-friendly price.
Both Airlines have the Same Business Model and Operate only a Fleet of Airbus.

With similar business models and values and operating only Airbuses, the merger will strengthen their position and profits and help them create a highly competitive low-cost airline, offering significant cost and value benefits to travelers.

It will Help Them Consolidate Their Position after Pandemic Loss.

With the merger, these two airlines will serve more guests on new destinations at low fares that Southwest and other airlines may cover. It will open up new gateways to serve travelers better and help them recover from the losses better.

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