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How Frontier and Spirit Merger is in the Best Interest of Flyers?

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Frontier and Spirit planned merger is going to change the landscape of the aviation industry. An upcoming meeting on 30th June has been called for all Spirit Shareholders in which they would vote for going with the Frontier or JetBlue that had lately increased reverse breakup fee up to $ 400 million if government regulators deny the deal.

Frontier’s and Spirit’s CEOs and employees are optimistic about the voting going in their favor. Unlike JetBlue, both Frontier and Spirit are low-cost airfares with the same business model. This merger is valued at $6.6 billion which makes strategic sense and is a win-win situation for both. So what this merger has in store for budget-savvy flyers? How they will get benefited more from the Frontier-Spirit merger than the JetBlue Spirit merger? Read this blog to get a better understanding of the same.

#1. The Fifth-largest US Air Carrier will be Born

The merger will give rise to a new (name yet to be announced) air carrier that will be the fifth-largest US air carrier after Delta, United, American, and Southwest. This merger will help flyers get better schedules and more options to choose from as with this merger, the new airline will provide four or five daily flights on every route.

#2. Flyers will get more ultra-low-fares to many under-served destinations

The merger will provide robust competition to many legacy air carriers like Delta, American, United, and Southwest that have a combined 80% hold on the US domestic airfare market. With this, flyers will get more pocket-friendly fare options and route options to many under-served communities across the United States.

#3. 350 planes to be added with over 1000 daily flights to 145 destinations in 19 countries

Whether you desire to enjoy a weekend trip to a Caribbean island or Canada, Latin America, or United States, you can choose the new air carrier instead of JetBlue, Delta, or United to fly to your dream destination. With a more stable base fare, which some executives predict to be $54 for a one-way ticket, and increased travel choices, you can enjoy affordable air travel, getting maximum value for money.

#4. Improved Loyalty Program Offering More Travel Perks

The new airline after the Frontier Spirit merger will provide better travel perks with a more consumer-friendly loyalty program that would win the loyalty of several consumers. With the increased size, scale, and city presence, flyers can expect the best loyalty program from the new airline letting them enjoy their air travel to the utmost.

Hence, it is in the best interest of flyers to wait and watch how things shape up and plan their itinerary with Frontier airlines to realize their travel goals. They are bound to get increased value and satisfaction from the US fifth-largest air carrier after the merger of Spirit with Frontier.