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How Far in Advance Can I Book JetBlue Tickets?

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Many budget-savvy travelers desire to know when and how far in advance they can book JetBlue tickets to get the best flight deal. However, there is no one answer. Although JetBlue allows travelers to book tickets for domestic or international flights 6-10 months in advance, booking tickets 10-11 months in advance may turn out to be a costly mistake, considering the fluctuating air fares.

So, if you want to remain in the safest zone and eager to leverage max from the flight deals or discounted offers on JetBlue, you must follow the Goldilocks Window of booking flights. For domestic travel, one should book flight tickets of one’s preferred airline 1-3 months before the domestic flight departure and 2-8 months before the international flight departure.

Follow these tips to make well-informed decisions and save maximum on your flight booking or travel purchases.

#1. Assess Your Travel Needs and Preferences

First things first. You need to evaluate your travel needs and aspirations. Where do you want to fly to in JetBlue and are you planning for a solo or group travel? Make a travel bucket list and plan well with self or a travel agent.

#2. Use the JetBlue Best Fare Finder

JetBlue allows travelers to find out and compare flight tickets cost on various date through its Best Fare Finder. You must use the same and check out to book cheapest JetBlue flights.

#3. Book Your JetBlue Domestic flight 30-90 days in advance

If you are traveling to a local destination in the peak season, you should consider booking JetBlue flight tickets 3 months in advance before the actual reservation starts. It will help you grab the best flight deal or offer and save money on your ticket booking.

Likewise, if you plan to catch a JetBlue flight for an international destination you should book a flight ticket 5-7 months in advance to get the lucrative flight deal.

#4. Use Your TrueBlue Awards Points to reserve JetBlue Flight at a lower cost

If you are a TrueBlue member, you must check your Award points and redeem them or book your JetBlue flight with cash and points to get the flight reservations at a pocket-friendly price.

If you want to know which is the best day to book a JetBlue flight then it is Tuesday when you are likely to find flash sales or promotional offers that JetBlue launches from time to time.

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