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How Far in Advance Can I Book a Flight on Alaska Airlines?

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Alaska Airlines allows travelers to book tickets from its online site or through the app 331 days in advance from the date of flight departure. You can make an Alaska Airlines reservation and book a regular ticket paying cash 11 months in advance. Besides, you can even book an award flight in partner airlines, say in Air France, 365 days in advance, for which you will need to call Alaska Airlines for booking such tickets.

Knowing when your preferred airline’s ticket booking window opens is crucial as it helps you book tickets in advance and snag any flight deals or offers available for a limited period before the flight departure. Whether you book a regular Alaska Airlines reservations or an award flight, it makes sense to subscribe to the airline’s email newsletter to get flight deals or super-exciting fare offers or updates on an extended schedule of ticket booking.

How do You Know it?

The best way to know when Alaska’s airline booking window opens is to check its website and enter your flight departure and arrival destinations. Subscribing to newsletters can also help you know when the booking window opens for revenue tickets and Award tickets.

How Far in Advance Should You Book Alaska Tickets?

Based on whether you book tickets for domestic or international flights and revenue or award tickets, you can plan your tour accordingly. Want to get the tips of an experienced travel agent of Airlineticketworld?

Check out these points enumerated below:

For Domestic Flights

Book domestic flights in Alaska 1-4 months in advance, although the booking schedule may be released one year in advance. The reasons are that airlines usually release expensive fares when opening the booking schedule, and there may not be clarity and certainty of flights departure. You are likely to book tickets at cheaper airfares or score the best flight deals 1-2 months before departure.

However, you must book 3-4 months in advance to travel during holiday periods, considering the increasing demand for flight tickets as the festival or holiday season comes closer. Comparing flight tickets prices eight to nine months in advance and booking tickets around six months in advance will provide you maximum savings.

For International Flights

When booking tickets for Canada or Costa Rica on Alaska, you must check the airfares ten months in advance and find out the trends whether the fares go up or down. Monitoring the trends up to four months till it gets closer to six months will give you a fair idea of whether you should pull the trigger now or wait for a few days more in case airfares continue to decline.
When you find a super exciting fare deal, grab the deal before it is gone, without wasting any minute.

Booking Award Flights

When booking award flights, the best time is to book them when the schedule opens when the airline releases its first batch of award space which is typically 330-360 days before the flight. You can book an award flight at the last minute or one to two weeks before the flight when the airline may have unsold seats for which they may seek extra passengers.

If you experience difficulty booking revenue tickets or award tickets, you can consult our experienced travel agent to get the best travel solution and maximum value.