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How Do You Check in for Southwest Flight Reservations?

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Southwest Flight Check in

After booking Southwest Flight to your preferred destination, you need to complete check in online or offline at the airport to get the boarding pass that will help you in seamless on-boarding. As Southwest has an open boarding process, where travelers are not assigned any specific seat, it makes sense to check-in as early as possible to gain maximum leverage from the first come first served process.

Southwest check-in normally begins 24 hours before the flight departure. However, if you have purchased Southwest Airlines EarlyBird Check in for $15-$25 based on flight distance, you can check-in 36 hours before the flight departure. That will most likely help you book your preferred seats in the A boarding group, probably between A-16 to A-60.

Multiple Ways to Complete Southwest Airlines Check-in

Travelers who have booked tickets in Southwest can complete Southwest flights check in online from the site, through the Southwest mobile app, or at the airport.

You can check-in in Southwest Airlines and get your boarding pass through any of the five ways:-

  • Online check-in/Web check-in
  •  Southwest Mobile app check-in
  • Airport check in at the Southwest Airlines ticket counter
  • Southwest Airlines baggage check in at the Curbside Skycap Podium
  • Baggage check-in at Self-service kiosks
  •  Express Bag-drop Kiosks

Web Check-in

For Web check-in, you have to visit the official site of Southwest Airlines ( and click on the check-in option after clicking on the flight section of the homepage. Enter your booking confirmation code, first name and last name and follow the steps to complete check-in. Select specific passengers or complete the check-in of the entire group at once in a domestic flight. For international flight group travel, one can check-in one passenger at a time. The online check-in starts 24 hours before the flight. So, check in as early as you can to get the earlier boarding positions.

Mobile App check-in

You can check-in through Southwest mobile app and get your boarding pass on your smartphone that will save your time and paper.

At the Airport Ticket Counter

Travelers with military ID, pets, minors, or infants can check-in at the airport only where they will be checked-in by the check-in executives. Get your boarding pass printed at the airport Skycap podium or an airline agent. You can choose to offer some dollars as a tip for any Skycap service.

Travel Hacks to Get the Most Preferred Seat in Southwest

If you want to get the most preferred seat, the best way is to purchase Southwest Business Select that helps you get A1-A15 boarding priority. If you have earned A-list status or A-list preferred status in the Southwest Frequent flier program, you will get the best boarding pass number after travelers with Business Select Fares.

Checking in early 36 hours before the flight departure also helps you get the best boarding zone. At times, travelers can purchase upgraded boarding at the airport on the day of flight departure that will help you get the desired seats.

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