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How do Unaccompanied Minors fly in JetBlue?

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Children between the ages of 5 to 14 years are considered minors who can travel in JetBlue on a valid ticket. However, one needs to pay a $150 fee for a one-way flight per child at the time of booking.

If your child has reached 14 years of age, he is no longer considered a minor, and they must be booked as an adult. You may request additional assistance to facilitate seamless travel under these circumstances.

Here is a checklist of some crucial things you must consider when booking your child for an unaccompanied minor:

#1. Your child must have celebrated his/her 5th birthday and be less than 14 years to qualify for an unaccompanied minor flight.

#2. You can book the ticket for your child online at, for which you must pay a fee of $150 extra in the total price at the time of booking.

#3. It is crucial to fill out three copies of the Unaccompanied Minor form and get them printed, which you must bring to the airport before the flight.

#4. The parent or guardian who has come to drop off the child must have their names, address, and contact number listed on the UNMR reservation form.

#5. The parent or guardian should not leave the airport till their child is on board and the flight has departed. In case of flight delay or a gate return, the parent can meet the child at the gate with the help of a gate pass.

#6. The guardian responsible for picking up the minor child must arrive at the airport 30 minutes before the flight’s scheduled arrival time.

#7. The three seats ABC in the plane’s last row are reserved for minors. The minor is seated at the back of the aircraft. The child doesn’t get the Mint or Even More Space seat.

#8.  A child can bring a carry-on bag on the flight, even on a Blue Basic Fare ticket.

#9. Before booking an international flight for a minor, the parent must check out the arrival country’s travel document requirement to facilitate seamless travel for the minor.

#10. A Photo ID is required for both parties who come to drop off and pick up the minor. Without the guardian’s photo ID, the UMNR will not be accepted.

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