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How Do Minors Travel Alone In Southwest?

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Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Kids flying alone in an airline is a major concern for parents who are worried about their children’s safety and well-being. However, many premium airlines have a well-defined unaccompanied minor policy that ensures that flyers of 5-15 or 17 years of age are well taken care of right from when they cross the gate to onboarding and handling them to authorized persons at the destination as mentioned in the form. For this, the airline charges a specific fee and needs some paperwork and specific documents as proof of their birthdays and their identities.

So your child needs to fly alone in the Southwest? Before you book a flight in Southwest for your minor child, you must be well aware of Southwest unaccompanied minor policy, and allowance, fees and other regulations for seamless travel.

What is Unaccompanied Minor Policy in Southwest?

Unlike other major airlines like United Airlines, American Airlines, and  Delta Airlines which consider children aged 5-14 years as minors, Southwest considers children from 5-11 years of age as unaccompanied minors. Children between 12-17 years are considered as young travelers who can fly alone without any assistance.

Here is a checklist of some crucial points every parent should know before booking tickets for their minors on any Southwest flight.

#1. Parents can book tickets of unaccompanied minors only for domestic flights within the US and Hawaii. Minors are not allowed to travel on Southwest flights to international destinations.

#2. Minors can travel only in non-stop flights or same-plane services in which the aircraft may make one or two stops but passengers don’t need to change their planes or flight numbers.

#3. Southwest charges an additional fee (service charge) of $50 for a one-way ticket or $100 for a round-trip apart from the standard airfare for each child. The service charge is refundable if you canceled the flight and didn’t rebook another.

#4. When securing a Southwest Airlines Reservations for an unaccompanied minor, you or the parent must state that they are the guardian or have the authority to act on their behalf.

#5. At the check-in counter, the guardian needs to show a valid ID of the child or birth certificate as age proof.

#6. For seamless check-in and drop off or pick up of an unaccompanied minor, the guardian needs to show a valid government issued photo ID.

#7. Such a parent or guardian responsible for dropping off or picking up the child must arrive at the gate 45 minutes before the flight departure and arrival at the airport.

How to Book Your Minor Child’s Ticket in Southwest?

You can book tickets online at or call Southwest Airlines booking agent or customer service representative at 800-435-9792. In addition to these, you can book tickets at Southwest Airlines’ airport ticket counter.

Simply fill out all the essential documents, pay the minor booking service charge and your child’s ticket is booked. Ensure to provide the ticket confirmation number to the guardian or person whom you have designated to drop off and pick up your child.

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