Frontier Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

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CancellationBefore booking Frontier tickets, travelers must know Frontier Airlines cancellation and refund policy. It will help them cancel their tickets and get a proper refund, should their travel plans change and they happen to cancel their flights.
The revised Frontier Airlines cancelation policy states that travelers can seek a full refund of airfares under certain conditions. These conditions are enumerated below:

  • Canceled the Ticket booked for flights scheduled to depart after seven days within 24 hours
  • Frontier cancels your flight and provides you alternative flights that you don’t want to catch/book
  • You have canceled a refundable ticket
  • Canceled a standard ticket for a flight 60 days in advance before the departure
  • Canceled an award ticket 180 days before the flight departure
  • Canceled a Frontier Flight award ticket 8 days in advance
  • Canceled a last seat award ticket
  • Cancelation of a ticket due to serious illness or death of a ticketed passenger or his immediate family member

Besides these conditions, you will have to pay a specific amount as a cancelation fee based on the type of ticket and the timing when you cancel your ticket. All changes and cancellations must be made before the check-in time, 45 minutes and 60 minutes before domestic and international flights depart, respectively.

Cancellation of Frontier Airlines Works Bundle Ticket

If you cancel your Frontier tickets booked under the Works bundle, you need not pay any cancelation fees. You retain the value of your ticket in the form of single-use travel credit you got from the airline for one year. The travel credit can be used to book another ticket within a year, and no residual value would be given to you after use if there is any left.

Frontier Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation and Refund Policy

According to the 24 hour Frontier cancelation Policy, Frontier allows its passengers to cancel their tickets without any cancelation fee within 24 hours of booking for a flight set to depart after seven days. If they cancel a ticket after 24 hours or within 59-7 days before the departure, they will have to pay $39 as a cancelation fee.
If they cancel their tickets between 6-1 day before the flight departure, they will have to spend $59 for cancelation. If your ticket is other than the ‘Works’ bundle, your ticket value is retained for 90 days for a single-use.

How to Cancel Your Frontier Airlines Tickets?

You can cancel your Frontier flight tickets online, phone, or by visiting the airport or from an esteemed travel agent.

For online Frontier flight ticket cancelation, you need to visit the official website of Frontier ( Click on Travel and select ‘Manage Trip’ from the drop-down menu. Enter details like your flight confirmation code and last name to retrieve the old ticket. Search and press the cancel button.
Likewise, you can visit the nearest airport to cancel your Frontier flight tickets. You need to provide your booking details to the booking clerk at the airport counter. They will cancel your ticket, and you will be notified through email.

Besides, another way to cancel your tickets is to contact the airline’s experienced customer care representative by phone by dialing their toll-free number +1 (801) 401-9000 and requesting a cancelation and refund.

How to Save Money and Skip Paying Cancellation Fees

If you want to avoid paying the cancelation fees on Frontier, you must know these travel hacks that will help you save a considerable amount.

  • Book Frontier Tickets for flight at least 7 days before flight departure
  • Cancel your Frontier tickets within 24 hours of booking
  • Buy a Works Bundle that allows you to cancel your ticket without any cancelation fees
  • Accrue enough miles to earn an elite level status
  • If Frontier cancels your flight, you need not pay any cancelation fee and get a full refund.

Frontier Airlines Refund Policy: All You Need to Know

  • If the flight has departed and you do not show up at the airport, your ticket value will be forfeited, and you don’t get a refund.
  • Passengers with Work Bundles Tickets will get a full refund of their airfares if they cancel their tickets even one day before the flight departure
  • If you book Frontier Flights through a credit card, you will get a full refund.
  • It takes 7-10 days for a refund to reflect in the passenger’s account.
  • Be it a refundable or a non-refundable ticket, all tickets canceled two months before the flight departure will be fully refunded.
  • Claiming a complete refund takes 20-30 days for processing

FAQs Related to Frontier Airlines Cancellation and Refund Rules

How can I cancel my Frontier Flight?

You can cancel your Frontier flight tickets online, on-call, or visit the nearest airport. For online cancelation, you can go to the Manage Trip section on the official site, enter details and confirm cancelation. You can call the customer service representative and request ticket cancelation and refund. Or you can visit the airport, seek the help of a booking clerk at the counter and request your flight cancelation.

How much do I have to pay to cancel my Frontier Flight?

It depends on your cancelation timing, fare class, and destination. No cancelation fee is charged if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours. If you have bought Works bundle, you need not pay any cancelation fee. In other cases, you need to pay the cancelation fee ranging from $39-$99.

How can I get a refund from Frontier?

You can seek a refund by canceling your ticket online and filling out the refund request form. Alternatively, you can call the customer service agent on the toll-free number to secure a refund.

How long does Frontier Airlines take to refund the amount?

Usually, the Frontier takes 20-30 days to process a refund request. However, if you have purchased the ticket with a credit card, you can get the amount credited within a week.

What are the options if my Frontier flight gets delayed or canceled?

If your Frontier flight gets delayed or canceled, you may choose to rebook another flight for free or cancel your earlier ticket and request a refund.

How to get a complete refund on non-refundable Frontier Airline tickets?

You will get a complete refund even on non-refundable tickets if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking or 60 days before the scheduled flight departure.