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Portland is the largest city in the United States of Oregon and also the most populated city in the state. You can find plenty of cultural and entertainment activities all around the city. Portland is one of the very few states in the United States which is full of greenery. You can find beautiful and lavish parks all around the city. Some of the gardens here are so imminent and illustrious that people from every part of the US come here to visit and enjoy nature’s creation at its very best.

If you are planning to visit Portland and are looking for a list of top attractions in the city, we have prepared a special list. Here are the must-visit locations in Portland, so you should consider seeing them while you go on a trip to Portland, Oregon, with your family and loved ones.

  • Washington Park
  • Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
  • Portland Japanese Garden
  • Portland Art Museum
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
  • Oregon Zoo
  • Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
  • Lan Su Chinese Garden
  • Forest Park
  • International Rose Test Garden

Major Airports in Portland, Oregon

You can easily get a flight to Portland, Oregon, but what are the major airports in Portland, including international and domestic.

Here is a list of all the International airports in Portland or nearby area:

  • Portland International Airport – PDX
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – SEA
  • Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base – LKE
  • Victoria Inner Harbour Airport – YWH
  • Victoria International Airport – YYJ
  • Friday Harbor Seaplane Base – FBS
  • Roche Harbor Seaplane Base – RCE

Here is a list of all the public airports offering domestic services in Portland or nearby area:

  • Portland International Airport – PDX
  • Eugene Airport – EUG
  • Roberts Field – RDM
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – SEA
  • King County International Airport – BFI
  • Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base – LKE
  • Yakima Air Terminal – YKM

Here is a list of all the local airports in Portland or nearby area:

  • Portland Troutdale Airport – TTD
  • Portland-Hillsboro Airport – HIO
  • Aurora State – FVO
  • McMinnville Municipal Airport – QMC
  • Cascade Locks State Airport – CZK
  • Southwest Washington Regional Airport – KLS
  • McNary Field – SLE

Airlines Available for Portland, Oregon

Here is a list of all the airlines that offer direct and non-stop flights to Portland, Oregon

It is recommended that you check the available flights and their scheduled services before making your reservation. Please keep in mind that the services may change at any point in time. To know about ongoing deals on your favorite airlines, you can call our airline customer care number at +1-888-720-1433. You can also visit our website to check all your upcoming flight details. Our experienced customer service agents will help you plan your next journey with the best suggestions and guidance on flights, hotels, and other accommodations.

Top Routes

Here are some of the top routes to Portland:

  • New York to Portland
  • Philadelphia to Portland
  • Atlanta to Portland
  • Washington to Portland
  • Chicago to Portland
  • Baltimore to Portland
  • Detroit to Portland
  • New Orleans to Portland
  • Kansas City to Portland
  • San Antonio to Portland
  • Phoenix to Portland
  • Oakland to Portland
  • St Louis to Portland
  • Charlotte to Portland

Here are some of the top routes from Portland:

  • Portland to Philadelphia
  • Portland to Atlanta
  • Portland to Washington
  • Portland to Chicago
  • Portland to Baltimore
  • Portland to Detroit
  • Portland to New Orleans
  • Portland to Kansas City
  • Portland to San Antonio
  • Portland to Phoenix
  • Portland to Oakland
  • Portland to St Louis
  • Portland to Charlotte

How to Make Flight Booking to Portland, Oregon

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Frequently Asked Questions Flights to Portland, Oregon

Where would I be able to dive more deeply into changing or dropping my trip to Portland?

For more data about refreshing your trip to Portland or dropping it, go to our Customer Service Portal.

How would I observe modest trips to Portland that have adaptable change strategies?

Numerous carriers offer the choice to reschedule your trip without a change charge. All you pay is the contrast between the first flight and the new flight you select. While you’re looking for trips to Portland, you’ll see a “no change expenses” channel for you to choose.

Would I be able to travel to Portland now?

To get the modern realities about traveling to Portland, look at the Covid-19 Travel Advisor. Here, you’ll find out about any present travel limitations and assuming you’ll be expected to go into isolation after you contact down.

What is the name of Portland's air terminal?

Portland has only one air terminal, Portland Intl. Air terminal (PDX).

How far is Portland Intl. Air terminal (PDX) from focal Portland?

Assuming that you anticipate remaining in focal Portland, it’s wise to sort out how you’ll get into the city before you show up. The midtown region is 7 miles (11 km) from Portland Airport.

What air terminal is ideal to fly into Portland?

A trip to Portland implies hitting the landing area at PDX. Jump off the plane, get your baggage and you’ll be 7 miles (11 km) from the focal point of town.

What number of carriers fly to Portland?

There are an aggregate of 16 aircrafts interfacing Portland to 61 air terminals across the globe.

Which aircrafts fly to Portland?

The Frozen North Airlines and Delta are the absolute most notable aircrafts that proposition trips to Portland. Most explorers use Northgate to set off from with Alaska Airlines flying this course the most.

What number of direct flights are there to Portland?

Traveling to somewhere new is a lot simpler when there aren’t any visits included. Assuming you’re advancing toward Portland, the phenomenal news is that there are about 1235 non-stop flights working consistently.

Where are the most famous trips to Portland withdrawing from?

Countless trips to Portland leave from Glendale, Inglewood and Capitol Hill air terminals.

How long is the trip to Portland Airport?

Which city you withdraw from decides the amount of the in-flight amusement you’ll get to see. From Glendale to Portland, the normal flight time is 3 hours and 5 minutes. From Inglewood it’s around 1 hour and 51 minutes, and from Capitol Hill it’s 3 hours and 9 minutes.