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Third-party account information :

The users authorize AirlineTikcketWorld to go with the access of third-party websites created to retrieve any requested information. Therefore, both AirlineTicketWorld.com and its agents are allowed to get details of data for this only purpose. Users are provided a user ID with a Password. Thus, users are supposed to ensure that the confidentiality of the account and the password are maintained. AirlineTicketWorld.com will not be held liable for any case or instance of fraud caused due to the breach of this confidentiality. The user has to notify AirlineTicketWorld.com in case their Password or account’s privacy breaches in any manner. Thus, the users are not allowed to share either the ID or the password with anyone at any time.

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Modification in Published Content/Description :

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Clause regarding usage of communication services :

AirlineTicketWorld.com offers communication and grievance notification services via chat, email, calls, etc. Also, AirlineTicketWorld.com offers services such as forums, groups, communities, calendars, etc. Users are supposed to be using these services while ensuring that they do not perform the following actions:

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If a user is found violating any criterion mentioned above, we will terminate the access to their account immediately or as per AirlineTikcketWorld.com’s sole discretion.

Change in fees and payment :

AirlineTicketWorld.com holds the right to change or modify any Transaction fee throughout all the information provided on the site. Also, the listing fee might be charged from the users as per the sole discretion of AirlineTicketWorld. Users are responsible for all the duties, charges, taxes, fees, and assessments resulting from the services.