Breeze Airways

Fly Breeze Airways: Committed to Provide Pleasant Low-Cost Air Travel

Want to fly in a low-cost US airline that offers the finest flight experience? Fly Breeze airways is one of the newest American low-cost airlines established on July 31, 2018, as Moxy Airways. It was renamed Breeze Airways in February 2020 as the ‘Moxy’ name clashed with Marriott’s ‘Moxy Hotel’ trademark. The airline started its operations under the new name on 27th May 2021 with its first flight from Tampa to Charleston. Its headquarter lies in Salt Lake City in Utah. It has a fleet of 14 aircraft, with 10 Embraer E190, 3 E-195, and 1 Airbus A220-300 airline. The airline provides flight services to over 77 new routes and 28 airports, letting travelers fly to their favorite cities or destinations nonstop.

How to Book Cheapest Breeze Airlines Reservations on AirlineTicketWorld?

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How does Breeze Airlines stand apart from others?

Breeze Airways is committed to providing the best flying experience to its customers with its tagline ‘Seriously Nice.’ From a simplified booking system to offering point-to-point direct flights, it facilitates travelers to book flights at a low airfare with no flight change or cancelation fees, and user-friendly Breeze airlines baggage policy and spacious legroom even in economy class. Its experienced crew is friendly and caters to the travel requirements of various travelers. What makes people love Breeze Airlines is that most often, they are least likely to find cheaper flights on the non-stop routes the Breeze Airlines serve.

Manage Your Flight Booking on Call with Breeze Airlines Customer Support Number

So, you have planned to book Breeze Airways flights and want to know any flight deal or flight schedule on call. You just need to call our seasoned travel agent on Breeze Airlines customer support number that will save you valuable time, money, and energy.

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Whether you need to book a new flight, get flight status, or make flight changes, you can easily get comprehensive booking assistance from experienced customer service representatives of Breeze.

Factors to Consider Before Breeze Airlines Flight Booking

Before you book flights on Breeze airlines, you must check the following:

  •         Whether Breeze flies to your scheduled destinations or not
  •         Do you require to purchase extras like seats, Nice or Nicer with extra legroom
  •         Check out the baggage allowance and cost
  •         Food and drink options available
  •         Breeze airlines flight schedules and change or cancelation Policy

You can get maximum value from the flight booking if you get travel deals from us and avoid the add-ons. However, based on your travel needs and preferences, you can choose the normal seats of ‘Nice Class,’ which is the economy class of this budget airline that comes with a free personal item. If you travel with family members or a group of friends and would like to be seated together, you must consider paying $10-$20 per person based on the route and aircraft.

Travelers with Nice Fare can have a carry-on bag and first, second, or third checked bag for a flat fee of $20. You will get a carry-on, one checked bag, priority boarding, extra legroom, and a soft drink and snack when you book the’ Nicer’ fare class. 4% of the base fare is added to your Breeze Points account.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Is Breeze Airlines Safe?

Yes, Breeze Airlines is safe and reliable. Breeze Airways focuses most on underserved flight routes and provides non-stop flight services to cities like Tampa, Oklahoma, Huntsville, Charleston, Hartford, Connecticut, Kentucky, and Ohio.

How Can You Choose Your Seats In Breeze?

If you are traveling with your family or friends, choosing and purchasing your seats in your preferred fare class is better. You will have to spend $10-$30 extra for a ‘Nice Seat’ and $20-$50 for a Nicer Seat. If you don’t select and purchase seats in advance, you will be assigned a seat randomly during check-in without any extra cost.

What Baggage Does Breeze Allow in Its Fare Classes?

Each traveler can carry a personal item for free, irrespective of their travel classes. The personal item that can be a laptop bag, a  purse, or a small backpack should not exceed 43cm x 33cm x 20cm. You can purchase a carry-on bag at $25 and a checked bag at $29 in advance for each way. At the airport, they would cost $50 for each bag type. If your baggage includes both the carry-on and checked bags, you may better purchase or upgrade to the ‘Nicer’ fare class that consists of these bags. You can carry two checked bags for free in the Nicest fare class.

What Kind of Flight Deals You Can Get In Breeze Airlines?

Breeze is committed to offering maximum value to travelers with non-stop, low-cost flight services. It operates non-stop services to secondary cities, which means flights of two hours or shorter, it passes the savings to its customers. You can find amazing deals for a round trip or a one-way flight from San Francisco to San Bernardino at $39 (Starting from August 4, 2022), Jacksonville, Florida to Richmond, Virginia at $49 (Starting from $49), and Las Vegas to Fort Myers, Florida at $99 (Starting from June 11. )

What are the popular travel destinations Breeze Airlines Fly to?

Breeze flies non-stop to several destinations, including Charleston, Tampa, Nashville, Syracuse, Jacksonville, Norfolk, Tampa, Savannah, Sarasota, Tulsa, and West Palm Beach. You can check out the route map and book your Breeze flight to the scheduled destination in your preferred travel class.

How Do You Make a Flight Change In Breeze?

Making flight changes in Breeze is super easy. You can manage your travel booking online from the Breeze Airways official site ( or the mobile app or on phone by calling expert customer service agents or your travel agent. Making flight changes or canceling your Breeze ticket is free. You can modify the travel date, add a bag or seat, add new passengers, or request special travel assistance online by following these steps:

#1. Visit the online site of Breeze and Go to the ‘My Trips’ section.

#2. Retrieve your booked tickets and click on the reservation to change or cancel

#3. Select and tick the Cancel and Credit Booking Box if you want to cancel your ticket. However, one must note that this will cancel both flights of a roundtrip reservation.

How is Breeze Airlines Customer Service?

With friendly crew members or flight attendants, a quick boarding process, commitment to providing optimum customer satisfaction, flying with Breeze can be quite pleasant and comfortable. However, one must note that there is no inflight entertainment and they have limited flight routes and schedules, which means flyers need to book tickets with flexibility in mind.

What are the ways in Which Check-in Can Be Done in Breeze?

Travelers can check-in online from the Breeze site or the mobile app and get their boarding pass printed outside the airport. You can complete your check-in at the airport and get your boarding pass printed by Breeze staff at $3 at the airport. Online check-ins must be completed 45 minutes before the flight departure.

What is the frequent flyer program of Breeze called?

Breeze Airways has an Airline rewards program for its loyal customers known as BreezePoints. Each traveler needs to create a Guest account in which the reward points can be earned and accumulated. Based on the fare class and base fare chosen, a percentage of the base fare is converted into BreezePoints that travelers earn from each flight. For Nice Fare, it is 2% of the base fare, while for Nicer and Nicest fare class, it is 4% and 6%, respectively. Points are also earned on ancillary purchases, such as seats, carry-on and checked bags, a pet in the cabin, etc.

How to Cancel a Ticket Booked From A Travel Agent?

Suppose you have booked a Breeze ticket from a travel agent like AirlineTicketWorld. In that case, you can call our experienced travel agent to discuss your flight change or cancelation needs. The agent will help you cancel your ticket and rebook another flight on a new date or secure a refund for the canceled ticket.