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Why Should You Book Your Reservations on Southwest Airlines?

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Southwest airlines is the world’s largest low-cost air carrier based in Dallas, Texas. With several operating bases in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Orlando, Las Vegas, Oakland, and others, it offers seamless flight services to over 120 US destinations and the ten additional countries, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Caribbean Islands.

Whether getting the matchless perk like a companion pass or a user-friendly frequent flyer program and free cancelation, Southwest offers you a bouquet of benefits that make travelers go for Southwest Airlines Reservations and fly with their loved ones to the scheduled destinations.

So, what makes Southwest airlines one of the most preferred airlines for booking flights? Why flying with Southwest gives you an impeccable travel experience that you may hardly forget?

Check out some compelling reasons that make Southwest a top favorite.

#1. No Change or Cancellation fee

The first thing travelers want to know is whether they stand to lose money on change or cancelation? In these tough times of the global Covid-19 pandemic, flight schedules may change at a drop of a hat. With Southwest, you can put all these concerns to rest as there is no change or cancellation fee. You must cancel your ticket 10 minutes before your flight departure.

#2. Earning a Southwest Companion Pass

Do you know Southwest offers a matchless perk to its travelers in the form of Companion Passes? With a companion pass, you can easily fly with a companion, booking a seat for him/her at a nominal cost of only taxes and baggage fees. When you score 1,25000 qualifying points or complete 100 qualifying one-way flights, you can earn a companion pass.

#3. User-friendly baggage policy

Southwest allows two standard checked bags to fly free with you, which means you can save a few bucks on your baggage fee. However, you must follow the baggage policy, and your bags must be under the specified size and weight dimensions.

#4. Allows one to do online check-in 24 hours before the flight departure

Besides low-cost airfares, you can complete your online check-in beginning 24 hours before the flight departure to get a boarding pass. The earlier you complete your web-check in, the better boarding position you might get in Southwest.

#5. No Hidden-fee

Southwest Airlines lives up to its slogan of ‘Low fares. Nothing to Hide. That’s Transfarency.’. While other low-cost air carriers like Spirit or legacy carriers like American will tack on fees, you can say goodbye to these with Southwest. So, with Southwest Airlines Reservations, you can fly freely.

#6. Free Onboard Entertainment

You and your loved ones can enjoy free inflight entertainment when you download the Southwest app on your mobile or tablet. If you are not an A-list preferred member, you can just pay $8 for a day of WiFi and enjoy unlimited fun.

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