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Allegiant Airlines Flight Change Policy

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How Much Do You Need to Pay for an Allegiant Flight Change?

Allegiant allows travelers to book flights to various US cities and Canada, Caribbean, and Hawaii islands as a low-cost air carrier. The longest flight is from Cincinnati to Los Angeles, and travelers can’t book multi-segment flights. If you want to make flight changes in Allegiant air online or offline, you must know the Allegiant flight change policy to facilitate you to change flights effortlessly at a pocket-friendly price. You can choose to purchase Trip Flex which allows you to make a one-time flight change till an hour before your flight departure without paying the change fee of $75.

Before you make flight changes in Allegiant, read this blog to get complete information about it that will facilitate you learn ways to save money on flight changes.

All You Need to Know About Allegiant Flight Changes

Make Flight Changes a Week before departure at $75

Travelers without Trip Flex can change their tickets only seven days before the scheduled flight. They need to pay $75 for a change in their flight booking for each trip. Travelers can’t get a refund of all travel changes should they cancel their tickets. Neither are the changes transferable to every person.

 Buy Trip Flex for a No-change Fee For One Time Flight Change

Passengers can book their flight tickets with Trip Flex, which allows them to make Allegiant flight changes one hour before the departure without spending any extra dime as a change fee.

Flight Change or Cancelation Within 24 hours of Booking is Free

Any Allegiant traveler can make flight changes or cancel their tickets for free within 24 hours of their ticket booking.

Passengers with Trip Flex Get Travel Credit Valid for two years.

Travelers with Trip Flex, on canceling their tickets get travel credit in their accounts that must be redeemed for booking another flight within the two years of the validity. The two-year duration of travel credit can’t be extended, and once it expires, it is lost forever.

Same Day flight Change is Possible without a change fee with Trip Flex

Passengers with TripFlex can change their flight one hour before departure without any change fee. The traveler must pay any variance in the ticket prices, accommodation, and car rentals for airport transfer or others. No travel credit or fare difference paid by the traveler is refundable.

Whether you need to know Allegiant flights status or manage your flight booking, you can do it online or from the mobile app. Alternatively, you can avail services of a reputed travel agency to make Allegiant flight changes as per your travel needs.

If you want to skip paying the flight change fee, you can make changes within 24 hours of the booking. Travelers can make sure of all the flight details two months before the scheduled flight or purchase open tickets when booking that will facilitate them to make flight changes within the ticket’s validity period. Joining the Frequent flyer miles program or being a club member will help them avoid paying the flight change fees.