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Allegiant Airlines Pet Policy: Things You Must Know Before Booking

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Pet Policy Allegiant Airlines

At times, traveling with pets becomes essential as pet owners can’t afford to leave it behind at the care of others when going for a long vacation or permanent relocation. Besides, some people with special needs require service animals to fly with them. Before you fly with a pet in any low-cost air carrier like Allegiant or a legacy air carrier like Delta, you should know your preferred airline’s pet policy, the way they will travel as in-cabin or cargo, the booking fees and precautions you need to take to ensure a seamless flight.

If you desire to fly with a dog or a cat in the Allegiant Airline, you should know the rules and guidelines as per Allegiant Airlines Pet policy and prepare well for a seamless air travel.

Rules and Guidelines for Seamless Pet Travel in Allegiant

So, what are the specific guidelines you should take care of to enjoy a memorable, fuss-free Allegiant air travel with your furry friend. Read this blog to get comprehensive information about the same a fair idea about the same:

#1. Allegiant allows travelers to fly only with domestic dogs and cats in their US-bound and international flights.

#2. Passengers must transport all their pets only in soft-sided pet carriers or hard-sided pet carriers, the size of which shouldn’t exceed 9”H x 16 “W x 19” D.

#3. A traveler can carry a maximum of only 2 pets in a carrier.

#4. For each flight segment and one carrier, Allegiant charges $50 as a non-refundable fee.

#5. All pets must be at least 8 weeks old.

#6. When you are at the airport or on an Allegiant flight, your pet should be completely in the pet carrier and you must handle it all the time.

#7. All passengers regardless of their pet and fare classes must check-in at the airport ticket counter or gate counter at least an hour before the flight departure to ensure that their pets and pet carriers are compliant with the rules.

#8. Travelers with pets can’t sit in the bulkhead or in an exit row or one row before or after an exit row.

#9. All pet carriers should be stowed under the seat on the floor during take-off and landing.

#10. Pets should be healthy, harmless, non-disruptive and free from any physical distress.

No pet is transported in the cargo bin on Allegiant. Besides, pet owners or travelers with pets don’t require any pet health certificate. If a child is 15 years or older, he or she can bring a pet and travel in Allegiant airlines.

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