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Allegiant Airlines Destinations Map

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What Destinations does Allegiant Air Fly to?

Flying with Allegiant for standard or seasonal flights can be pleasing, affordable, and convenient. Unlike other low-cost airlines, it doesn’t operate thousands of regular flights from any airport. It serves only direct flights for leisure travelers from the north of the US to warmer vacation destinations such as Florida, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Arizona, and Orlando.  What better way to enjoy your leisure travel than flying with your loved ones on a leading international airline like Allegiant!

Are you planning to book Allegiant air tickets to Orlando or West Palm Beach? Do you know you can book a vacation package from the Allegiant site or book flights, hotel accommodation, and car rentals together to get the best deals on them? You must check Allegiant Airlines’ destinations map, flight schedules, and flight costs to book tickets per your travel needs.

Here is a checklist of some popular destinations Allegiant airlines fly to that makes it easy for people to visit their dream destinations.

#1. Cincinnati, Ohio to Austin, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, and Las Vegas

If you are looking for great value flights from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Austin, Texas, you can book Allegiant airlines as a one-way ticket for each person costs $42. Do you know a one-way flight from Cincinnati to Punta Gorda, or New Orleans or Sarasota costs only $38 as a base fare? You can enjoy a thrilling Tampa tour having booked a flight from Cincinnati to Tampa at a low cost..

 #2. Mesa Phoenix Airport to Flint (Michigan) and Springfield (Michigan)

Allegiant constantly introduces new flights from underserved airports to world-class sun-lit areas. Allegiant airlines started its new flights from Mesa- a secondary airport in Phoenix to Flint, Minneapolis, Orange County, and Springfield, leading to 52 nonstop destinations from Mesa.

#3. North Dakota to Las Vegas and Orlando

People in Fargo can book the cheapest flights simply by calling Allegiant Airlines phone number to the booking helpline desk or customer care representative and flying to Las Vegas, Orlando, or Phoenix. Few things can be more enjoyable than a comfortable flight experience thousands of miles above in a leading aircraft like Allegiant and spending quality time with your loved ones.

#4. Kentucky to Orlando

Want to enjoy the most fun-filled vacation in Orlando- the theme park capital of the world? Also known as City Beautiful, it is home to the Walt Disney land, a paradise for children. Check out the flight deals on Allegiant from Louisville to Orlando and book your tickets that can be as low as $38.

#5. Cincinnati, Ohio to Mesa, Phoenix

Besides this, you can book your one-way flight on Allegiant from Cincinnati to Mesa at $74, which will help you save big and spend money on making your staycation more pleasurable. What’s more, you can book cheap hotels or vacation rentals and car rentals from Allegiant or a leading online travel agency.

Managing your Allegiant flight booking can be effortless with the Allegiant Airlines phone number that you can call to make flight changes, cancel or resolve any baggage issues.

Besides the standard flights, Allegiant offers many seasonal flights that cater to the needs of leisure travelers. Feel free to consult an experienced travel agency and get the best flight deals or impeccable travel services that will help you get cherished travel memories for a lifetime.