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All You Need to Know About JetBlue Mint Travel Class

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JetBlue Airlines launched a world-class premium Mint Cabin in 2013. It was considered the best business class cabin that helped travelers enjoy maximum comfort during air travel. Whether you are on a coast-to-coast flight or an international flight, booking your seats in the award-winning Mint cabin can help you fly to your dream destination in a relaxed and comfortable way.

However, not all aircraft of JetBlue have Mint cabins. It is only available on select A321, A321neo, and A321LR aircraft. These aircraft offer flight services to many transcontinental, Caribbean, Central American, and UK flights. Whether you fly from New York (JFK) to San Francisco, Seattle, Aruba, London, or St. Maarten, or you fly from Boston to Los Angeles or Las Vegas, booking Mint seats is like booking the First Class in JetBlue.

 JetBlue Mint Travel Class: How It Differs from Others

So, what makes JetBlue Mint Cabin truly world-class and one of the most sought-after travel cabins for business executives and leisure travelers? Let’s understand the same and you will fall in love with it,

Here is a checklist of some points or features of JetBlue Mint that you or any travel enthusiast must know to get a fair idea about it.

#1. All mint suites come with a sliding door and two power outlets.

The seats are spacious lie-flat with 6 feet 8 inches long. These seats come with Tuft and Needle’s T & N adaptive Foam cushions and a massage feature. It has a memory foam pillow and a customizable blanket.

#2. Large 17” TV with free on-demand movies

What better way to immerse yourself in the world of entertainment than viewing various movies on a large 17” TV that makes travelers love the comfort and entertainment. Besides the wireless charging points, customizable lighting adds to the joy and comfort of travelers.

#3.  In some aircraft, Mint cabins are designed as Mint Suites and even bigger Mint Studio

In June 2021, JetBlue launched Mint Suites on some selected flights like flights between New York and Los Angeles that has enough space for two passengers. The new JetBlue Mint cabin with 24 suites will roll out later this year on the airline’s much-anticipated flights to London from New York and/or Boston, which are set to launch this summer. So, what are you waiting for? Fly to your dream destination with JetBlue in a Mint Cabin and you will love the comfortable and enjoyable air travel. The JetBlue mint seats are well worth it and you will love getting entertained and will love every moment of air travel with your loved ones. If you experience any difficulty in the JetBlue flight booking, you should consult an experienced online travel agent- Airlineticketworld to get impeccable travel solutions and services.

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