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All You Need to Know About Breeze Airlines Baggage Policy

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Breeze Airways is a start-up airline that is headquartered in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. It launched its first flight from Tampa to Charleston on 27th May 2021. Founded by JetBlue founder, David Neelman with the mission to provide point to point flight services to travelers to many underserved destinations in the US, Breeze makes it easier for people to fly to their dream destinations like Virginia, Hartford, Richmond, Louisville, Providence, Oklahoma, Tulsa, and Ohio.

Before you book Breeze Airlines cheapest flight tickets to Las Vegas, Orlando or San Francisco, you should know the Breeze Airlines cancellation policy, flight change, and Breeze Airlines baggage policy that will help save you money and let you escape from any hassle. Read this blog to get a fair idea about the Breeze airlines baggage allowance and fees you need to incur.

Check out Breeze Airways Baggage Fees and Allowance for a Fuss-free Travel

Travelers can bring one personal item for free that can be a purse, a light backpack that must fit under the seat in front of you.

If you want to bring a carry-on bag, you need to pay a flat fee of $20 when you add it from the official website of breeze airlines or the mobile app. Your carry-on bag’s size should be within the maximum limit of 22 x 14 x 9 inches and weight should be no more than 35 pound or 15.87 kg. For a flight longer than 3 hours, the carry-on bag will cost you $25. If you purchase a ‘Nicer’ fare, it includes a carry-on bag and a checked bag. Besides, you may book extra legroom seats or get travel perks like priority boarding.

Breeze Airlines Checked Bags Policy

Breeze Airlines allows travelers to check in three bags with each checked bag incurring a fee of $ 20 each. You need to pay $25 when you check bags on a flight of more than 3 hours. If you are adding or paying for bags at the airport, you may need to incur a cost of $50 each.

Each checked bag’s size cannot exceed overall 62 linear inches (length+width+height) and its weight should not exceed 50 pounds or 22.67kg.

Pack Lightly and Efficiently To Avoid Breeze Overweight Baggage Fee

Whether you are flying solo or with your family or friends, you must pack your bags lightly and follow the baggage allowance and guidelines to avoid spending more on overweight baggage fees. If you bring more than 3 checked bags, you will have to add them at the airport, for a fee of $50 each.

If your bag’s size or weight is beyond the permissible limits, it will be counted as oversized or overweight baggage, for which you need to cough up an additional fee.

  • For bags between 51-70 pounds—pay $20
  • For bags between 71-99 pounds—pay $50
  • For oversized bags 63-80 inches overall,—pay $50

For oversized and overweight bags, you need to pay the extra amount at the airport. Bags over 99 pounds or measuring over 80 linear inches in overall dimensions are not accepted.

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