You are currently viewing Alaska’s Mileage Plan offers some of the best value in the skies

Alaska’s Mileage Plan offers some of the best value in the skies

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What makes Alaska Mileage Plan Stand Apart from other Airlines?

Alaska Airlines frequent flyer program Alaska Mileage Plan is rated as the number one among the leading Airlines reward program. Travelers flying with Alaska air can earn points flying every mile with Alaska or with OneWorld members and other Alaska partner airlines. Frequent flyers can then use these points to book Alaska flights or tickets on other partner airlines, hotel stays, or magazine subscriptions.

What makes Alaska Mileage Plan one of the best airline reward programs? How to use it to your advantage? If these questions are in your mind, read this blog to get interesting information.

Alaska Mileage Plan: An In-depth Overview

Alaska Mileage PlanHere is a checklist of facts related to the Alaska mileage plan that makes it unique and most rewarding from others.

#1.  Any traveler can join the Alaska Mileage plan for free. All they need is to create their accounts through the Alaska Airlines website or mobile app.

#2. Each Alaska mile’s average value is $0.012 or 1.02 cents. It means when you fly 10000 Alaska airlines miles, you earn miles worth $102.

#3. Flyers can redeem from 5000 miles to book an award tick


et applicable to main cabin economy flights.

#4.  Being a Oneworld partner, earning miles from Alaska Mileage Plan allows travelers to fly to over 1000 destinations globally. People can choose from Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Iberia, American Airlines, etc.

#5. All Award tickets are fully refundable. It means that you can cancel your flight early, request a refund early, and your miles will be credited to your account.

#6. Flyers can choose to book flights for stopovers at other destinations from their award tickets. Alaska promotes this stopover policy.

Alaska offers elite status MVP, MVP Gold, and MVP Gold 75k status to loyal customers. You need to fly 20,000 eligible miles on Alaska Airlines and partner or complete 30 eligible flight segments. For MVP Gold, it is 40,000 eligible miles on Alaska or completes 60 flight segments.

However, flyers must note that Alaska miles have a two years validity, and if not redeemed within this period, they expire. Besides, travelers living on the east coast may find it difficult to use their miles on Alaska Airlines, which mostly serves the west coast or even their partner airlines.

How Can You Earn Alaska Miles? – Alaska Mileage Plan

Besides flying with Alaska airlines or Oneworld alliance, you can earn miles based on the purchase made by Alaska Airlines credit card, joining Alaska Mileage Plan dining program, Alaska Mileage Plan shopping, book hotel stays at partner hotels through Alaska’s website, renting a car from partner or shopping from some select Alaska airlines partners.

A leading American finance company and other esteemed travel agencies have stated that Alaska Airlines Mileage plan is more valuable than other airlines. So if you frequently fly to New York City, Atlanta, Canada, or West Coast regions, you must join this Mileage program.

Get impeccable Alaska Air Customer Services. – Alaska Mileage Plan

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