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Alaska Airlines Pet Policy: All You Need to Know

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Traveling with pets at times becomes necessary because you can’t risk leaving them behind in the care of others. However, flying with pets- be they general or service animals on a premium airline like Alaska can be daunting. You must know beforehand Alaska Airlines pet policy before booking your pets for local or international flights. The knowledge of the pet policy and pet booking fees will help you escape any surprises and avoid paying pet travel fees using the right measure.

Alaska Airlines Pet policy to help you prepare well and fly with your pet seamlessly

Read this blog to know more about Alaska Airlines Pet policy to help you prepare well and fly with your pet seamlessly on your favorite airline.

  • Whether you travel with a checked pet or a carry-on pet, you will incur a fee of $100 per segment for each flight.
  • For all international travel from the US to any destination, travelers can carry only dogs and cats as pets. Besides paying the appropriate fees, travelers are advised to check the pet travel restrictions and health and vaccination certification requirements in their departure and arrival cities or airports.
  • Pets allowed for domestic travel in Alaska Airlines include dogs, cats, household birds, and rabbits. Dogs and cats must be at least eight weeks old, healthy, and fully weaned.
  • All the pets should be in approved pet carriers all the time in the Alaska Air lounge, at the airport, or on on-boarding.  During taxi travel, take-off, and landing, the pet carrier should be kept under the seat in front of you. The pet carrier size should not exceed 17” x 11“x 7.5” (Hard-sided Kennels) and 17” x 11“x 9.5” (Soft-sided Kennels).
  • Your pet dog or cat must be less than 20 pounds (9.07kg) and you can take two puppies or kittens in one pet carrier provided the kennel or pet carrier has enough space for them.
  • A passenger can take two pet carriers with them in the main cabin for which they need to purchase an adjacent seat.
  • Besides allowing pet travel in-cabin, Alaska allows pets to travel in Cargo compartments as well for which pet owners must have a proper health certificate of their pets made within 10 days of flight departure and 30 days of return travel if they have booked return flights on the same record.
  • You should check out Alaska airline’s Kennel requirements for cargo compartments from their official site.

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