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9 Things to Know Before You Fly Allegiant Airlines

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Founded in 1997 as WestJet Express, the Las Vegas-based ultra-low-cost airline facilitates travelers to fly comfortably to smaller and mid-size US cities and a few international destinations. The three-star rated airline is the 14th largest commercial airline in the US that facilitates travelers to fly to the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Before securing Allegiant airlines reservations, you must know some crucial things like Allegiant baggage policy, cancelation and refund policy, ticket charges and baggage fee, safety rating, flight performance, and other essential things.

Here is a checklist of all important things you must know before Allegiant flight booking to help you in seamless flight booking and flight management.

1. Allegiant Airlines Route Network

Allegiant Air is one of the most preferred choices for leisure travelers as it provides seamless connectivity to over 100 airports in the United States. People planning a tour to New York, Phoenix, Nevada, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Colorado, Cincinnati, and others can check Allegiant airline destinations, flight schedules, air ticket fares and book Allegiant flights at the lowest airfare.

2. Allegiant Airlines Ticket Charges

Allegiant airline offers three fare classes– Basic, Bonus, and Total. Basic is the standard fare option that allows travelers to carry one personal item for free and purchase extras suited to their travel needs.

Allegiant Bonus allows travelers to book their preferred seats, carry a personal item and a carry-on bag. Allegiant Total involves in its bundled package one personal item, a carry-on bag, a checked bag, priority boarding, and Trip Flex, which allows you to change or cancel your flight without spending a dime as a change fee.

 3. Allegiant Air Baggage Policy

Unlike other major air carriers, Allegiant’s baggage policy is quite different. Travelers can carry a personal item for free, while for carry-on bags and checked bags, they need to pay fees based on the route, timing of purchase, and adding the luggage along with the size and weight specification of the same. The personal item must not exceed 7 x 15 x 16 inches. For a carry-on bag of size 9 x 14 x 22 inches, you will have to pay from $18 to $45. A checked bag of 80 linear inches would require you to pay $20 to $45. If you have bags that exceed 40 pounds weight, you’ll have to spend more money.

4. Allegiant Air Cancelation and refund Policy

All fares are non-refundable. If travelers cancel a flight ticket within 24 hours of booking for aircraft scheduled to fly after a week, they are entitled to get a full refund. Travelers may purchase Trip Flex during Allegiant flight booking, which allows them to cancel their flights or make changes an hour before flight departure. Allegiant charges a cancelation or change fee of $25, and travelers on rebooking would require the fare difference.

5. Allegiant Safety Ratings

Allegiant Airlines made it into the top three American airlines among the ten safest airlines globally. Besides these, the two other low-cost US air carriers on the list were Frontier and JetBlue. So you can fly with Allegiant with peace of mind.

6. Allegiant Priority Boarding

Travelers can either purchase Total Bonus or avail of priority boarding at the cost of $4 to $12, allowing them to board the plane before other passengers. If you fly with your family or group of friends and want to sit together, you must purchase and reserve seats in advance, lest you may be randomly assigned seats that would let your family or friends be seated at a distance. Allegiant World Mastercard holders can also avail priority boarding in the Allegiant aircraft.

7. Seats and In-flight Services and Amenities

The standard seats in allegiant airlines come with a 29-inch seat pitch and 17.5-inch seat width like other budget airlines. However, its six Boeing 757 aircraft contain Giant seats with 25 inches in width and 36 inches of legroom. These seats are installed in the first row and emergency exit row and are available on long-haul flights to Hawaii and some select flights to Las Vegas. It lets travelers go for seat upgrade options.

Travelers can choose their choicest snacks and drinks from the menu items and get the same from the comfort of their seats. They can purchase combos or signature cocktails to refresh and rejuvenate their senses.

8. Flying with Children in Allegiant

If your child is above two years, you must purchase a separate seat and ensure that your child is accompanied by a fare-paying customer of 15 years and above. If your child is two years or less, he or she can travel as a lap child, and if you have two kiddos, you need to buy a separate seat for convenient travel.

9. Allegiant Customer Service

Whether you have any Allegiant airline reservations issue or need to contact an expert customer service agent for flying with wheelchair assistance or any medical equipment, you can call the Allegiant airline customer service to resolve the problem immediately. For any booking or reservation issue, you can call, send a message, or directly mail at the requisite address.

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