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6 Proven Travel Tips to Save Max on Frontier Flights Booking!

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Many people love flying with America’s Greenest airline-Frontier Airlines which helps them book a flight to various US and international destinations on ultra-low-cost airfare. This premium Denver, Colorado-based airline caters to the air travel needs of millions of leisure

travelers. As Frontier is an ultra-low-cost air carrier, the baggage fee, and cost of travel perks like seat selection, priority boarding, and others may add up to let you pay a considerable amount. It’s crucial to know smart travel hacks to save on your Frontier flight booking that will reduce the load and give you another reason to smile and make your trip more enjoyable.

Here is a checklist of some tips that will help you book Frontier Flights at the lowest cost and save money on air travel.

#1. Avoid selecting seats during solo travel

Frontier charges $5 for a Standard seat section and $16 for a stretch seat or an economy class seat with more legroom. You can avoid paying that and choose to travel on a seat assigned randomly by the Frontier Airline after check-in.

#2. Pack your bags lighter to avoid carry-on bags fees

If you can pack all your essentials in a personal item (8” x 18” x 14”) that is the best as Frontier is one of the few airlines that charges on a carry-on bag. The charge depends on the route you have booked to fly, the time when you purchased the allowance, and your travel date. If you have to travel with a full-size carry-on bag (10″x16″x24″), you must purchase it at the time of booking to avoid paying extra cost on the same.

#3. Bring a lot of snacks or buy snack and drink bundles

You will get only water for free on Frontier. Hence, you should bring in snacks and juices or purchase snack and drink bundles for your loved ones or friends when you are traveling in a group. You will enjoy some savings when you choose the bundle option.

#4. Bring in Book or tablet with movies saved for entertainment

Frontier doesn’t have Wi-fi or any in-flight entertainment system that may make your long-haul flight boring if you don’t have any source of entertainment. You can bring a novel or magazine or a tablet loaded with movies or video games to enjoy during air travel.

#5. Purchase the Works or Perks bundle as per your Requirements

If you are traveling with your family and are not pretty sure about flight, purchasing a travel bundle like the Works at the time of booking will help you avoid paying any change or cancelation fee and secure refund even on Basic Economy ticket. You should do due diligence and compare the benefits of the travel bundle vis a vis your travel requirements.

#6.Join Discount Den to get lucrative flight deals immediately on Frontier Flights

If you are a frequent flyer or want to get the best flight sales offers or deals on your chosen route, you can consider purchasing Discount Den membership at a fee of $99.99 for the first year that requires $59.99 for renewal. You can get extra travel perks like Kids Fly Free flight, earn Frontier Miles on every flight and book group travel on a discounted  cost.

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