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5G Rollout Continues to Disrupt Regional Air Travel?

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Rollout of 5G at Several Airports United States

Rollout of 5G – Recently the deployment of 5G service in the United States has been in the news. It has led to the change or cancelation of many international flights bound to or from the US airports. As the next-gen mobile internet connection 5G depends mainly on radio signals, (in the US it uses a C-band spectrum of 3.7-3.98 GHz), the interference from these signals could interfere with the airline navigation system, causing problems in landing. The FAA had earlier warned that the interference from 5G could affect the height reading that helps the pilot safely land the aircraft in bad weather conditions.

FAA soon restricted many airlines with Jet Boeing aircraft to land at various US airports in low visibility conditions like in the dense fog or winter weather. It has led to AT & T and Verizon postponing the rollout of 5G at several airports in the United States.

If you wonder how deploying 5G phones disrupts airline navigation systems, read this blog to get an idea.

Top Reasons Why 5G Deployment Causes Major Aviation Disruptions

Here is a checklist of reasons 5G phone service is causing disruptions in the regional air carriers.

#1. The US government has auctioned the C-band spectrum 3.7-3.98 GHz. Mid-range bandwidth to 5G service providers that is close to 4.2 to 4.4 GHz reserved for the international aeronautical band.

#2. The Radio frequency in the C-band is believed to cause interference in the aircraft’s radar altimeter (especially Jet 777 and others), leading to faulty height reading system and catastrophic incidents. The interference may lead to major fatalities.

#3. Radar Altimeters are one of the major components of many airlines’ height reading and navigation systems that helps in safe landing in bad weather.

#4. Many Jet aircraft like Boeing 777 and 787 would require retrofitting such that they remain useful and help pilots land their aircraft safely amid inclement weather conditions.

What to Do is you have already made Alaska Airlines Reservations

If you have already booked Alaska Airlines Reservations, you must check the latest flight status before leaving your home or office for the airport. Get the flight status on phone through Alaska mobile app or check it online.

If your flight is canceled or changed, you need to manage your travel online. You can call the Alaska airline customer service number, or send a Text message to get the best flight solution.

Alaska Airlines and others are committed to ensuring the fool-proof safety of travelers. Hence, they take proactive measures to minimize the disruption effect of airlines due to FAA restrictions.

Alaska and other airlines have advocated for creating buffer zones near airports that will help aircrafts land safely with zero disturbance.  The government, telecom industry, FCC, and FAA should develop a long-term sustainable solution that would allow 5G and aviation to safely co-exist.

Many airlines have proposed that buffer zones of the range of at least 2 miles should be created near the airports that would prevent any negative effect of 5G frequency at the airport, workforce, vaccine distribution, and other things. The FAA should identify those base stations in proximity to major airport runways where the 5G problem needs to be addressed to ensure safety and prevent any flight disruption.

With many countries having already deployed 5G in their regions without any aviation disturbance, US FAA has to take proper measures to certify altimeters to operate at the airports with 5G installed services.

Although AT&T and Verizon have postponed installing towers near major airports to avoid major flight disruptions, the FAA needs to clear and permit many US commercial airplanes to land safely at airports where C-band will be deployed.